A new blog site!

I’m excited to announce that I am doing some rebranding with my blog content. Written Creations, LLC, will still be the name under which I do my freelance writing work as a freelance journalist, but my blog is changing names to better reflect it’s content. I’m incredibly excited about this shift. The new name is Families with Grace!

If you’ve been around a while, you know my blog content shifted from here to Facebook’s Written Creations’ page. I am still using that page, but it is also being rebranded with the same Families with Grace name to reflect the change. We will continue to chat on Facebook. If you already “like” Written Creations on Facebook, you don’t have to do anything. The name change will happen there automatically for you, so you won’t miss seeing any content.

While I’m changing the name, I’m not changing the content. I will still be writing about parenting, spiritual things, health, marriage and home stuff — just like I was here and have been on Facebook. I am just changing the format a little in which you will read these things. Instead of posting everything here on Facebook, I will be posting the actual content on a brand new Families with Grace blog. It is beautiful, you guys! I will share links to new posts here on Facebook so that you can go straight to the content you want. And I will still use the Facebook page to share additional thoughts and ideas and interact with you.

I am returning to more of a blog format for a few reasons. I like being able to organize the content by categories. So if you want to read about parenting, you can just click on the Parenting tab. I also like that it looks prettier. I can organize it better with layout and photos than I can do on Facebook. My husband is so great with website stuff, and he helped me make it look gorgeous!

You will also notice that the blog has ads. Hopefully it will also have some affiliate links at some point as well. I get that can be annoying sometimes, but freelance is my job and I do have to have revenue from it. However, having ad revenue means that I can treat Families with Grace as a client instead of a project on the back burner to work on when or if I have time. And that all means that I can write more content that you want to read and that I am so passionate about.

I chose the name Families with Grace, because grace is such an important component of family life. We can be full of grace and patience for complete strangers and forget to do the same for our families. I want to talk with you about what I’m learning – which also includes when I mess up! I’m not an expert on this topic. I’m a work in progress and want to share what I’m learning with you guys so we can create homes filled with grace, love and faith. We can do this together!

I want use the Families with Grace Facebook page and blog to be a place where we can talk about what is working and what isn’t and where we celebrate successes and commiserate in failures. In the end, what I want most is to help grow my family in more grace and help you do the same. I’ve found living as a family with grace leads to being happier as a family.

Click over and check out the new blog at www.familieswithgrace.com. Let me know what you think. Join me on the journey to create a home filled with grace, love and faith as we build our Families with Grace!

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