Easy and effective 6-day Resurrection Eggs

A few years ago, I was searching for ideas to help my kids understand the meaning of Easter. They were 5 and 2 at the time. I knew the 2-year-old wouldn’t grasp too much, but the 5-year-old definitely would. I wanted something simple, yet effective. I discovered Resurrection Eggs, which was a new concept to me. It isn’t something I grew up with or had ever heard of. I did some research and learned  you can buy or make them. A lot of them were for 12 days, which seemed overwhelming to me. Then I found a plan that used six eggs. I did some tweaking, and we gave it a try two years ago. It was a hit and worked really well.

This is our basket of eggs. I use the same ones year after year.

I am not one bit a crafty person, so I can assure you that these are really simple to pull off. All you need to do is buy six plastic Easter eggs. The rest of the stuff you most likely will have at home. I went with the bigger eggs rather than the small ones that we usually do for an Easter egg hunt. That’s my best suggestion, but the small ones could work, too.

After you have your eggs, label them with a permanent marker number one through six. Next print the paper of verses and cut them into slips and put them into their corresponding egg. Each slip will tell you what is needed each day. (Download and/or print the PDF here: ResurrectionEggs)

Day one: Luke 22:14-15 needs bread crumbs (I put these in the day of instead of ahead of time and just pinch off pieces of sandwich bread or from a bun or whatever I have.)

Day two: John 19:17-18 needs a cross (On the second sheet of the PDF is a cross you can print and cut to use for the egg. You can also use any cross you have that will fit in the egg. This year, my dad is making me a wooden one that we can keep to use every year.)

Day three: John 19:40 needs a strip of cloth (If you have a scrap of cloth, great! If not, I use a piece of a paper towel. It works.)

Day four: Matthew 27:59-60 needs a rock (I went outside and got one from my yard.)

Day five: Luke 24:1-3 needs nothing

Day six: Matthew 28:5-6 needs candy (You could totally use gummies or whatever your kids enjoy.)

And that’s pretty much it. You open an egg a day starting the Tuesday before Easter, and it will take you through Easter Sunday.

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