PB Honey Nut Clusters

Yesterday I needed a good cooking project for the toddler and me. It was a rainy, cold day and we weren’t leaving the house other than to pick up sister from kindergarten in the afternoon. I thought of granola, but I wanted something different. I remembered two different recipes I’d seen on Pinterest ages ago and decided to combine them. The result was super easy and super delicious. In fact, there were none left by the time we went to bed last night, so we made a second batch today in order to take some photos. They are that good. Check out the easiness of this recipe, the lack of crazy ingredients, the yumminess, the infusion of protein from peanut butter and the lack of added refined sugar. Then hit up your kitchen and whip up a batch for lunchboxes, snacks, car rides, your holiday platters or just because. You don’t even have to use your oven or stove. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

PB Honey Nut Clusters
1/4-cup honey
1/2-cup peanut butter
2 cups honey nut Os cereal (Obviously Cheerios is the name brand here, but I used the cheap-o store brand ones I had.)

1. Put the honey and peanut butter in a micro-safe mixing bowl. Heat on high for 30 seconds. Shake around or stir a bit. Heat for another 30 seconds.

2. Stir well and then add the cereal and stir gently to coat. 

3. Put small clusters out on parchment paper. Let them cool about 30 minutes and then enjoy.

Depending on your cluster size, the recipe makes around two dozen.

My only notes are that to get them onto the parchment paper, I used two spoons. I scooped the cereal out of the bowl with one and then used the other to help plop it onto the paper. While I use parchment paper for this, I think that wax paper or even aluminum foil would work just fine as well.

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