The Great Tank Top Wars of 2015

Henceforth, 2015 shall be known as The Year of the Great Tank Top Wars. You think I jest. Perhaps I do, but only a tiny bit.

Since I gave my daughter a white, ribbed tank top to wear under an itchy dress back in February, she has been wanting to wear a tank top almost daily. The fabulousness of this plan is that we live in Indiana. February is filled with things like snow, wind chill factors and winter coats. None of these things scream tank top season.

For months we have battled in the Great Tank Top Wars of 2015. We have battled fiercely over dresses. Oh my! Little girl fashion includes quite a few tank top dresses (even winter ones!) that have matching sweaters or lightweight jackets over the top of them. We cannot abide by these things, evidently. There shall be nothing covering arms and keeping us warm, even if it is 50-degrees and raining. In fact, my daughter has one beautiful winter dress that she has yet to wear because she won’t concede to wearing the jacket with elbow-length sleeves over the top of it. We’re not even talking long sleeves here, people.

We have warred and we have battled. And now it is finally the end of May and the temperatures are climbing into the 80s and I can abide by a tank top wearing child. In fact, when I went shopping for her clothes for summer, I made sure to get a few tank tops in the mix. I’m not a tank top wearer myself. I have a few pajamas that are tank tops for warm weather, but I don’t wear tank tops out of the house. I’m not drawn to them and mostly it’s because of my own body issues with my upper arms. I don’t want to pass those issues along, so I am all for tank tops for my children. However, my daughter has a whole drawer filled with adorable warm weather shirts — 70 percent of which short sleeved. I am not inclined to go buy an entire new summer wardrobe consisting solely of tank tops. So even when I thought the wars would end because I no longer object to tank tops since the weather has warmed, the wars still rage.

My daughter wearing the once-loved-now-loathed tank top while on vacation last week.

The wars rage, in fact, over a new tank top that she loved when I showed her, but loathed AFTER I clipped the tags and washed it. Guess what she’s wearing today? The wars still rage. Back and forth we go. I inform her of things like, “This is your only clean tank top. You either wear it or you wear short sleeves.” She informs me that she has tank top dresses she could wear. I inform her that nice dresses are not for days that will be spent playing outside. Back and forth we go.

I am not sure if the war will end any time soon. In fact, I don’t see much end in sight. I’m working on my patience. Just this morning I nearly bit my tongue off to keep from threatening to just get rid of every single tank top she owns so this won’t be an issue any more. I TRY to be reasonable. But, we are on our merry way to more stern consequences as this war rages.

I know that I am merely scraping the tip of the iceberg on clothing battles with my daughter. She’s 5 now and I’m guessing as she gets older this won’t get any better and most likely will get worse. I love that she is opinionated and strong willed — most of the time. I could use a little less battle of wills many days, including in The Great Tank Top Wars of 2015. But, I will stay in my bunker. I will hunker in with my most trusted advisers. I will see this war through to its bitter end and celebrate victory.

What kinds of parental wars have you been in lately?

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