Just like air, God is everywhere

Last week I was having a difficult day. It was the kind of day where you start to wonder why you got out of bed in the morning. I was sliding precariously close to having a pity party. I had started the day as usual with my devotion and prayer time, yet I was feeling like in the midst of my challenges God was being kind of silent and absent. I have been down this path many times. It happens to all of us believers. I have learned time and again that God is not distant from me; it is usually I who am distant from Him. In my life, that usually means I’m too wrapped up in worry about what’s going on to really pay attention to Him. I’m getting better at this, but I still struggle. And that’s how I was feeling when I plopped down on the couch in our dining room to just sit for a moment.

My 5-year-old came over and sat beside me. I noticed her moving out of the corner of my eye and turned to find her doing something with her hand. I asked what she was doing. She hesitated a moment and then said, “I’m waving at Jesus. He’s everywhere.” She went on to repeat a phrase she learned in children’s church months ago that keeps coming up around here: “Just like air, God is everywhere.”


Boom! What was that about feeling distant from God? I gave my kiddo a hug and told her that she was absolutely correct and it was perfectly fine to wave at Jesus any time. I told her I was quite sure that He liked that. And then, well, I basically got over myself. I remembered back to my own childhood when I’d sneeze alone in my room and say “Excuse me” to Jesus. I mean, if you’re going to be polite, you ought to be polite to the Lord. I had faith back then that He was always there. Just like my daughter has faith that He’s always there to see her wave.

Sometimes as an adult I have times where I start to forget that exact sentiment. I start to forget that Jesus is always there. I start to forget that we can just hang out and be friends. I start to forget His closeness and relegate Him to corners of my life. I feel His presence in my prayer and Bible reading time. I feel His presence in worship throughout the day as I listen to and sing along with Christian music. But sometimes I miss Him in all the little ways that He’s around me. I’ve been praying lately for Him to open my eyes even more so that I see all the small stuff He is involved in. He used my daughter last week to remind me that He really is around all the time. He’s hanging out all the time even when my mind isn’t on Him and it’s on the task at hand or worrying about a situation out of my control. Just like air, He is always there. I just have to look for Him.

As I hugged my daughter in her preciousness last week, all I could do was thank God for using her to remind me of His presence. I thanked Him also for her love for Him. I have many times heard and read the Bible verse from Matthew 18 about having faith like a child. I remember my own faith as a child. I see the faith my daughter now has as a child. And I get it now. Children don’t have life experiences and responsibilities to get in the way. They just believe and they see Jesus everywhere. Oh that I may see God as my daughter does! And that I might never forget He surrounds me, loves me and holds me close when I need it most. He has promised to never leave nor forsake us. I can take Him at His word. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you for not giving up on me!

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