Employee Appreciation Day for moms

Today is Employee Appreciation Day.  I have no idea if that’s celebrated very much.  I haven’t been a traditional employee since 2002 when I started my freelance business.  And these days, I’m less freelance journalist and more stay-at-home mom.  I still write some for hire, but mostly I work for my two small children.  So I was thinking about that this morning as the radio station I listen to was discussing employee appreciation day.  What does that mean for moms?  I include all moms because whether you spend part of your life out of the home working for an income or you are home with your kids all day everyday for no pay, you are still a mom employee.  You still work for your kids.  Of course they aren’t in charge.  Of course you are the boss, but technically in so many ways it usually feels sort of the opposite. That’s what happens when you put someone else before yourself.

My bosses are adorable.  They don’t know about Employee Appreciation Day.  And, quite frankly, I don’t want them to ever think of me as an employee, so I’m not going to mention it to them.  But, you know what?  They show me appreciation every single day.

It’s there in the little arms that wrap around my neck for hugs and cuddles. It’s there for soft lips that graze my cheek with smooches.  It’s there when they say “Thank you” for the things I do.  We have made those two words a priority around here, and even the 2-year-old uses them often.  In fact, I just handed him a sippy cup of ice water before I sat down to write this post and he gave me a sweet “Thank you.”

My two little bosses playing in the snow a couple of weeks ago.

The appreciation is there when they look at me with love and adoration.  It’s there when they laugh at my corny jokes.  It’s there when they seek me out to ease their hurts.  It’s there when they are excited to tell me about something good that happened.

But here’s the thing.  While I may joke that I work for my children who are tiny, demanding and sometimes unreasonable bosses, I also get paid immensely.  Those things I mentioned how they show me their appreciation aren’t small.  Hearing them say and show how much they love me makes my heart burst.  I give so much to my children and yet I also get so much back from them.  Before having children I always felt blessed in my work.  I felt blessed to be my own boss and to do what I love.  I felt blessed to be able to share people’s stories and write articles that could help others.  Now, I feel even more blessed in my work.  It’s way harder work. It involves a lot more pressure because I’m shaping people here.  People!  I’m in charge of taking care of them and teaching them.  But it’s awesome work.  I’ve got these sweet little faces looking to me everyday for everything.  And it’s good.  It’s really good.  I am so blessed to be a mother.

While I want my little employers to appreciate me, I also appreciate them in return.  I appreciate their sweet smiles.  I appreciate their love. I appreciate their hugs.  I appreciate their compassion.  I appreciate the way them for who they are.  I appreciate that God blessed me with them.  I appreciate that I get a chance to go through this life with them and watch them grow.  I appreciate it all, even on the hard days.

Happy Employee Appreciation Day, moms!  Your employers are small, demanding and incredibly sweet.  Know that even when they are grumpy and don’t show it, they do appreciate you and all that you do.  Because you, my mama friend, are awesome!  Keep up the good work!

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