Happy summer!

Summer is here (or will be within the next 24 hours)!  It’s felt like summer around here for a little while now.  My kiddo finished her school year of preschool and is almost finished with her month-long reading class sessions.  Then we have time off until she starts preK the week of Labor Day.

I read a blog post somewhere recently talking about having a laidback 1970s kind of summer.  And that’s sort of what we do around here.  It wasn’t just like our summers because it involved things like letting kiddos watch hours of TV on TVLand and one of my kiddos isn’t old enough to watch TV, yet.  And it suggested tossing kids outside to stay for the day, and that also doesn’t happen around here for a variety of reasons from age to fair skin to heat.  But, the premise was keeping it simple and that’s how we like to live.

So here’s what I’m looking forward to over these next couple of months with minimal activities:

This is my favorite vacation spot and has been since I was a child (recognize the picture from my cover photo on Facebook?). I love spending time here with my family.

– Time away on vacation with my husband and kiddos.  Vacations aren’t the same kind of relaxing now as they were before kids, but they are still relaxing.  I’m looking forward to time to just play and hang out with all three of them without chores and obligations getting in the way.  We’ll eat good food, hopefully get some naps, visit the beach at the lake, feed some fish, play outside, read books (for the kids and for me!) and end with spending time with extended relatives at my husband’s family reunion.

– Time to hang around our house with the kids and play.  Without having to take anyone to preschool, we have more downtime to do this.  And, in spite of having done this a lot when I was recovering from surgery and such, it’s nice to do this by choice.  We’ll enjoy time in our backyard and play.  I’ll let the big kid eat popsicles and the little one have a taste, too.

– A few trips to the local frozen yogurt place where we can top our own yogurt cups and eat outside at the picnic tables if it’s not too hot.  Sure we can go when it isn’t summer, but it’s even more fun to go there in warm weather.

– Hitting up the library for story time sometimes and finishing up the kiddos summer reading program.  We love to read around here and the kids love to get rewarded for it.  There are also some great events the library puts on in conjunction with summer reading that we enjoy.  My daughter is especially looking forward to seeing Ronald McDonald’s magic show next week.  She loved it last year.

– Going to the annual fairy walk and tea party in our city.  My daughter loves dressing up and roaming around looking like a fairy.  I even let her wear a bit of makeup to be extra fancy.  These events speak to the little girl in me as well.

– Visiting the state fair.  We took the big kiddo last year when we got tickets through the summer reading program and will take both kids this year.  She loved it and we all had a great time.  I look forward to that visit again.

I hope it will be a good summer.  We have planned both activities and downtime, which makes for the best kind of summer.  It’s good times.  And it’s about enjoying our family together.

All of this leads me to my second point of this blog post.  I’m looking forward to time with my family over the summer.  I’ll still post blogs, but they may not be my regular two a week.  And I might even have times I miss an entire week, but I will be around.  I’ll try to keep checked in with you on my Facebook page, too.  Sometimes, in spite of loving writing my blog, life gets in the way.  It’s just what happens.  The good news is, though, that if life didn’t happen, I’d have nothing about which to write!

What are you looking forward to this summer?  No matter what you have planned (or not planned), I hope you enjoy it and have a good time in warm weather!  Check back often and I’ll keep you posted on how our summer is going, too.

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