Eight inventions that would help moms

I’m not an inventor by any stretch of the imagination.  I don’t even really think outside of the box very much.  However, lately I have been thinking about inventions that would make my life easier as a mom.  Here are a few of my ideas.

1. A self-cleaning house.  I like my self-cleaning oven.  I wish I had a house that I could set to clean itself, lock the door, leave for a couple of hours (maybe go to lunch then stop by the library and grocery store) and return to find the clutter cleared, toys put away, sinks gleaming and floors spotless.  I would utilize such a feature a couple of times a week.

2. Soundproof walls that turn on and off.  I’d love to be able to soundproof my kids’ rooms sometimes.  I also need to be able to hear them (yay for baby monitors!), but I’d like to flip a switch and know that if I wanted to sing along to “Wicked” at the top of my lungs while making lunch that I wouldn’t wake the toddler from his nap or if I wanted to walk down our creaky hallway when I get up in the morning without alerting the preschooler to the fact that I was awake I could do so.

3. A laundry machine that will either both wash and then dry clothes or wash clothes then release them into the dryer.  Really, why has no one done this, yet?  My washer and dryer are in my garage, which makes switching out laundry even more of a pain, especially with a toddler who has already managed to open the childproof latch on the cleaning supply cabinet.

4. A laundry-putting-away robot who organizes drawers.  I don’t mind folding laundry, but I loathe putting it away.  And every time I do, especially at the beginning of a new season, I think about how much I need a chance to organize the kids’ drawers.  A robot to take care of these things for me would be awesome.

5. A baby reader.  I don’t mean someone to read to my kids (I love doing that!), but something that could read what is going on with them. I’m thinking like what mechanics plug into your car to read the error message.  I’d love to be able to gently hook something on to my toddler’s ear and have a machine tell me what’s bothering him.  Teething?  Too cold?  Too warm?  Sore throat?  Wanted cut up grapes instead of a banana?  That would be helpful.

6. Toys that have volume control.  OK.  I know these exist, but I think any toy that makes noise needs to have volume control.  I also think that any toy that plays songs shouldn’t start singing a new song until an old one is finished.  Really.  You can only hear the same line over and over and over and over again before you want to pull out your hair.

7. A car babysitter for quick errands.  There are quite a few things I skip because it’s too much trouble to get both kids in and out of the car to run in somewhere for an errand that takes only two minutes.  Heck, sometimes I’d like to even pop by the gas station and pick up a fountain Sprite, but that’s definitely not worth it.  (At least my closest gas station no longer offers cherry flavoring for pop, which makes it a lot easier for me to pass up.)

8. Flying gear platform.  Sounds so space age, but I’d love if my diaper bag and all the stuff we need to take with us could fly to the car so I’m left only with having to carry the toddler and not juggle all of our stuff at the same time or make multiple trips.  I’d love a flying platform of sorts that could just follow me around carrying all my extra stuff.  It’d be a lot easier on my back and shoulders, too.

I know there are more inventions that could make my life easier, but this is what I’m thinking of today.  Weigh in!  What are your ideas?

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