One proud mama

I’ve told you time and again about challenges I’ve faced in motherhood.  I’ve told you about learning to embrace change and go with the flow.  I’ve told you how hard some of it is.  I’ve also shared the good parts, the highlights and all the love and wonder that comes with motherhood.  And that good stuff is what I want to share with you today.

This past weekend my daughter graduated from preschool.  This fact is sort of funny, because she isn’t yet finished with preschool and will be entering pre-K in the fall.  She’d have to be 5 by Aug. 1 in order to start kindergarten this year and she won’t hit that number until October.  I’m in no hurry to get her there, even though this proud mama would proclaim she is quite ready for kindergarten.  But at least half of her classmates will be 5 in time to start kindergarten next fall and thus she had graduation.  Her school makes a big deal out of graduation.  It’s held at the auditorium of the university in our city.  The kids wear miniature caps and gowns that we bought a couple months back.  Each student has at least one speaking part.  They have a processional and sing songs that are coordinated for months ahead of time.  And then each student receives a diploma and bows or curtsies before the teacher.  It’s quite a production, quite nice and quite adorable.

This isn’t the first performance I’ve been to for my kiddo.  She’s had three dance recitals in the auditorium of our local center for the arts and a school Christmas program at this same university auditorium.  And every time I’m pretty sure my heart will burst with pride.  I get choked up.  It’s sort of ridiculous, yet, I think any parent can understand what I mean.  I put my parents through a lot of performances, especially in high school when I performed with a variety of music groups with my violin and trombone.  I participated in contests individually, in small ensembles and in full band and marching bands.  I performed in college with trombone choir.  I had countless violin recitals.  And every time my parents showed up.  Especially at contests, my mom would be way more nervous than I ever was.  I seldom flinched about it.  She was on edge. I laughed at her then.  I completely understand her now (sorry, mom!).  There’s something about seeing your child up in front of everyone that makes you want to stand up and scream, “That’s my kid!  She’s mine!  Isn’t she awesome?!”

I felt that in full force this weekend.  In fact, when the 40-minute graduation ceremony was nearly overly, I realized that my jaws hurt.  I’m pretty sure I had smiled the entire time watching my sweet girl.  Sometimes motherhood is super hard.  But, man, sometimes it’s just really darn awesome.  And so, I share with you a few highlights from our day to show you some of the cuteness that took place and to tell you that I am one proud mama.  I have a smart, beautiful little girl who excelled in preschool this year.  She learned so much.  She grew.  She made friends.  She became even more of the person she is.  Her sweet spirit, compassion and gentleness continue to shine through.  Her knack for learning, retaining information and just plain intelligence continues to astound me.  I can’t wait to continue on her life’s journey with her.  You’ll be able to spot me.  I’ll be the one beaming incessantly in her radius!

My pride began before we even left when we were taking photos outside.

Seriously. Can you get any more adorable than this?!

She had two speaking parts and did a fabulous job on both.

Have you picked up on how proud I am of my little lady?

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