15 random, small things that make me happy

I’d like to think I’m a relatively simple person.  I’m not sure if that’s true.  My husband could probably weigh in on that and give you more insight, but I do think I’m rather easy to please.  I get the biggest kicks out of the smallest things sometimes.  So I decided to make a list of some of the little things that make me happy.  And who couldn’t use some happiness, even in small doses?

1. Long, hot showers.  These are best when I can spend 20 minutes all to myself with no interruption.  I don’t mind helping the preschooler in the shower sometimes.  And it doesn’t make me crazy to have the baby monitor in there so I can shower while the baby boy is asleep, but when my husband is around and I get to have those 20 minutes of guaranteed time to myself without interruption, I love it. A shower can completely change my perspective on life.  And I’m not being dramatic.

2. Sunny days.  This has been a long winter with lots of crazy weather.  I think that’s been true all over the country.  When we get sunshine here in Indiana right now, I’m a happy girl.  More recently I’ve been quite happy to see grass again for the first time in a month or two.  The snow has been beautiful.  But, now that it’s melting, I’m finding that I’m quite happy to see grass again, especially when the sun is shining and the sky is bright blue.

3. Baby kisses.  My daughter skipped this phase.  I don’t know why, but she never gave big, wet, open-mouthed baby kisses.  My son is doing that these days.  My heart bursts with joy at them!  (Except when he’s trying to lay a big ‘ol smooch on our dog; then I’m a bit grossed out and intervene.)

4. Chocolate.  I’m trying to decide if I need more explanation here.  I’m not sure I do, but I will get more specific.  I love all chocolate.  Right now I’m especially happy with Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate hot chocolate and the Cadbury eggs my mom gave me for Valentine’s Day.  (Don’t judge that I got Easter candy for Valentine’s Day.  My mom knows me very well!)

5. A freshly bathed dog.  Even though I’m the one who has done the bathing, I still love when our pooch is all fluffy and sweet smelling.  In the first few days after his bath, I quite often pick him up and smell his fur.  Weird?  Maybe.  Do I care?  Nope.

My new silverware in my newly organized silverware drawer makes me happy.

6. My new silverware.  I got it for Christmas.  I got two sets.  I now have enough silverware that I don’t have ration out butterknives like they’re going out of style or use disposable ones to fill in for them.  Not to mention it’s a pattern I really like.  (Thanks to my mother- and father-in-law for that gift!)  Bonus is the happiness I feel getting something out of my newly organized silverware drawer.

7. Music from the 1990s.  I used to roll my eyes when my mom listened to music from the 1960s that she remembered fondly from her high school  days.  I have no interest in returning to high school whatsoever.  I don’t miss it.  But, I did have some good times in high school and part of my college was in the late 1990s, not to mention I got married in 1999.  (Yeah, I’m old.  It’s OK.)  I just really get a kick out of 1990s music.  I’m listening to it while typing this post, in fact.

8. Contemporary Christian music.  This is what I listen to most of the time.  It gets me through my day in so many ways.  It refocuses me on God when I most need to focus on Him.  Hearing my daughter sing along to the songs on the radio also makes my heart happy.

9. The soundtrack from “Wicked.”  Every so often, I stick this soundtrack in and I can’t stop myself from singing and dancing.  Can. Not. Stop.  And when I say that I sing, I mean that I most like to sing it at the top of my lungs.  “Wicked” doesn’t get played with the baby boy is napping.

10. Random moments to myself.  My husband has been able to work from home most of the time lately.  While he spends a fair amount of time in the home office, he is also able to do things like take his lunch break and take our daughter to preschool.  That leaves me home alone with a napping baby boy.  Sometimes he wakes up soon after they leave and other times he gives me an extra 45 minutes when I’m all alone with nobody needing anything.  I get to eat my lunch in peace and maybe watch a show of my choosing on television.  It’s quite divine.

11. Fountain Sprite with cherry syrup.  I’ve not had one of these in ages, but I love them.  I seldom drink soda thanks to my IC bladder, but every so often, it’s a nice treat that makes me happy, happy, happy.

My purple tennis shoes didn't cost a lot, but they bring me quite a bit of joy.

12. My purple tennis shoes.  I have these purple tennis shoes with bright green shoelaces I found at K-Mart of all places a few months ago.  They were cheap.  They’re not as nice as my favorite Asics, but they make me happy whenever I put them on.  Now that our snow is finally melting, I see them even more in my future.  I don’t care if I am old, I’m wearing brightly colored kicks.  I love purple.

13. My neck pillow.  I’m talking about the U-shaped kind that most people use for travel.  I find that it works quite nicely to give me head support in the recliner of our couch.  For three months at the beginning of last year, it was my only pillow when I slept in that recliner with my baby boy.  But, I still use it a few times a week to nap or just rest in the evenings after the kiddos are in bed.

14. Driving.  Ever since I was old enough to drive, I’ve loved to drive.  I don’t get to drive as much these days, because I can go days without leaving the house, but when I do get out, I love driving. Sometimes it’s nice driving with the kids because they’re contained, usually content and I don’t have to worry about keeping the baby out of the dog’s water dish or watch what the preschooler is doing every two minutes when she demands my attention to show off her latest dance move.  And it’s really nice the few times I get to drive in the car by myself.  I turn up the radio and just enjoy myself.  I recently came across a pin on Pinterest about how one should never underestimate the restorative power of driving with the radio turned up.  I agree.

15. Getting the tangles out of my daughter’s hair.  Lame that this makes me happy?  Maybe.  But, if you’ve ever dealt with super curly hair (whether natural or permed), you feel me.  She has gorgeous red, curly locks.  I engage in battle with them every morning.  I almost always win.  Fortunately, my daughter is patient and I’ve enough experience with my own wavy hair to know how to navigate her curls, but I’m still happy when I can take her hair from bird’s nest to beautiful groomed curls in five minutes.

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