20 random thoughts

I am very tired as I write this blog post.  My little dude got sick for his first birthday party and isn’t sleeping well.  A trip to pediatric urgent care on Sunday afternoon when his fever kept creeping up and he stopped trying to play or move much revealed a bad ear infection.  He’s not sleeping well, which means I’m not sleeping well.  I’m not complaining, just explaining.

So, as I have a chance to write a new blog post (on what is Monday morning then changed to Tuesday) while he’s asleep and my daughter is at my parents’ house, I am tired.  For a while now, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with what to write about.  I have decided instead to give you some random thoughts for a peek inside of my head.

1. I’m really supposed to be working on our finances right now, but I’m tired and wanted to get a blog post out since it’s now Tuesday.

2. My left foot is asleep because I have been sitting on it for too long.

3. I’m having to use my old computer because I haven’t gotten all my files for finances transferred over to my new computer in the last six months or however long it’s been.  It’s annoying me, but there’s just never enough time.

4. Sometimes when I think about all the things I need to do but don’t have time to do it makes me want to cry.

5. I’m learning to try and relax about my to-do list, but it’s a struggle sometimes.  I want to both enjoy my children and get everything done that needs doing. I’m pretty sure that both things are impossible right now.

6. I’m irritated that no one will get back to me before my daughter’s new dance class starts on Thursday as to whether she needs certain shoes for early hip hop jazz.  It’s a new genre to us.  Can nobody respond to me?

7. My dog is super fluffy and sweet smelling since I gave him a bath last night.  He also needs to be brushed.  He’s currently on my good side because he’s quietly napping nearby and not barking and waking up the baby.

8. My hair is getting too long and it keeps rubbing my cheek.  I could put it up in a ponytail, but I’m too lazy to get up and get a hair tie.

9. I have a big bag of potatoes that I am trying to decide what to do with because it was cheaper to buy the bag than just buy three potatoes to bake for us for dinner.  All I know is I have to use them before they start growing eyes.  Once that happens, they’re dead to me.

This lotion is so awesome. I hate to be the mom who says she doesn't have time to apply lotion to her legs, but the truth is I usually don't. I'm lucky to get a shower and shave, let alone moisturize. This lets me do so in under a minute and is dry just as fast so I can put on my pants without getting them all greasy.

10. I’m in love with the new spray lotion my mom gave me to try from Vaseline.  It seriously may be a blog post soon.  I can lotion my legs in under a minute and they’re dry and not greasy just as quickly.

11. I’m trying to decide whether I want some dark hot chocolate or some water.  I really want the hot chocolate, but I don’t necessarily need the extra calories, especially since I had a small piece of birthday cake at breakfast.  I also don’t really want to have to make it.  I’ll probably go with water, but again that requires me getting up and I’m sitting here to finish this post and then do our finance stuff.

12. Medical expenses are ridiculous.

13. I need to try the new lotion on my back.  It’s very itchy today.  This frigid weather is wreaking havoc on my skin.  Yay for Midwestern winters.

14. We’re getting more snow starting later today.  Some people are excited about that.  I am not one of them.  We’ve had snow on the ground for a month.  We’ve had winter storms out the wazoo this year.  I’m not in the mood for more.  Between the snow and sick kiddos, I’m not sure whether I’ll get to leave the house again.

15. I really want Chick-Fil-A for lunch or dinner or anything.  And I’d really like said meal to happen by myself.  (For shame!)  The husband doesn’t have much he likes from there.  The kiddos are awesome, but usually I end up eating lukewarm or cold food when they’re around.  I’m OK with that, but I’d love to go and enjoy our new Chick-Fil-A solo sometime.

16. And now I’m thinking of food which leads me to thinking of the little bit of dip I have left in my fridge from the baby boy’s first birthday party.  It’s made with cream cheese and this sweet and spicy relish.  Good grief it’s good!  Like I told my mom, it makes me want to hide in my kitchen and eat it all with tortilla chips. I need to finish it today so it no longer tempts me.

17. I may have a problem with food. 🙂

18. Now I’m just trying think of more things to say because I’d like to make this post a nice round number like 20.  I have two more lines to fill.  I feel like Pooh Bear tapping my head and saying, “Think, think, think.”

19. The baby boy is finally completely asleep for his nap.  Woo hoo!  Now I feel free to get work done.  He fights sleep so very hard when he doesn’t feel well.  I’m incredibly glad his fever is gone.  I was worried about him.

20. And now I need to figure out an image to go with this.  I also need to go put in more laundry to wash and switch clothes to the dryer.  I will get finances done after that because there’s not choice.  This is my best time this week to be productive.  So, here I go.  I should be back on Thursday with something else to tell you.  Unless the snowpocolypse happens and I finally get pushed over the edge!

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