Super easy toaster oven panini

Years ago I had a panini at Fazoli’s that I loved.  It was four cheese and tomato and had red bell peppers on it.  Fazoli’s may still have it.  I’m honestly not sure and we actually go there frequently since it’s my daughter’s favorite place (she loves pasta just like her mama!).  I somehow replicated it on my own back then which was before I was very great in the kitchen.  It’s a recipe that’s yummy, quick and easy and doesn’t require fancy kitchen equipment to make.  I use my toaster oven.  You could use a regular oven if you want.  And you can completely customize it to be what you like.  Ham might be good.  Or pepperoni could be.  I like it with just tomatoes, cheese and bell pepper, though.  Enjoy!

Easy Toaster Oven Panini

Toaster oven panini

English muffin
Slice of tomato
2-3 slices of a red bell pepper
1/2-cup shredded pizza cheese
Dash Italian seasoning
Sprinkle Parmesan cheese
Butter spray, optional

1. Cut the English muffin in half.  Spray with butter spray if desired.  (The butter spray gives it a bit of flavor, but mostly it just helps the bread to toast a bit crunchier.  You can totally skip the spray if you want or use melted butter in its place.  However, you want just a very light coating.  I use two to three squirts per slice.)

2. Put the English muffin into the toaster oven and lightly toast it.  (If you’re using the oven, you could put the English muffin under the broiler for maybe 2-3 minutes at most.  You don’t want it to get more than the faintest tan.)

3. Remove the English muffin and sprinkle the shredded cheese on both halves of the muffin.  Put a dash of Italian seasoning on top of the cheese.

4. On one half of the muffin, place a tomato slice.  On the other half, place the red bell pepper slices.

5. Sprinkle both halves with Parmesan cheese, if desired.  (I LOVE Parmesan cheese and sprinkle liberally.)

6. Return to the toaster oven and cook at 350-degrees for about four minutes until the cheese starts to melt.  Switch to the broiler setting and cook for another two minutes until the cheese is completely melted and slightly browned.

7. Remove from the oven and put the halves together into a sandwich.  Enjoy!

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