First day of preschool success

Yesterday my daughter started preschool.  For a couple of months, I’ve been nervous about this day coming.  I wasn’t sure how she’d react.  I wasn’t sure how I’d react.  I got teary just thinking about it.  I knew it was best for her to go to preschool for social and learning experiences.  I knew it was good for her to get away from mommy a little bit, but that didn’t mean I had to like it.  I remained positive and upbeat about the whole thing with my child, but on my own, I’d worry and fret and feel sad.  I prayed for strength for me to not cry in front of her.  And I prayed for her to have confidence and have fun.  I prayed she’d have good friends at school.  I prayed her teacher would be nice and understand what she needed.  I was concerned because this preschool thing is pretty much the first time that she’s been in the care of someone other than my husband and me, my parents or his parents.

In a stroke of genius I also decided this coming Saturday would be the perfect time to have a rummage sale.  So while I’ve been dealing with the emotions of Lexiana going to preschool for the first time, I’ve also been sorting through all of her baby things to put in the rummage sale.  I’ve pulled back some toys and a few gender neutral clothes for her brother, but I’m selling the rest because she is my only daughter and will remain that way.  These outfits and toys have also brought back memories.

On Tuesday evening, as I tucked her into bed, I didn’t necessarily see her as the 3-1/2-year-old she is.  I saw her as the newborn swaddled in pink.

I saw her as the 8-month-old playing peek-a-boo.

I saw her as the 2-year-old dressed as Minnie Mouse for her second birthday party.

But she was none of those things and all of those things at once.  That little baby girl is still in there.  She will always be.  She will always be my baby girl.  My parents have told me that.  I used to roll my eyes.  Now, I get it completely.  And while she is still all those things, she is also now an independent, almost 4-year-old  She is strong and smart and funny and vibrant.  She keeps me on my toes.  She makes me laugh.  She loves being around other people.  It was time to let her start spreading her wings a bit.

We got up on Wednesday and took our time getting ready.  (She goes to an afternoon class three days a week.)  We talked more about school and what to expect.  After she was dressed, we went to the backyard for some photos to commemorate the first day.  She played a bit on her swingset as well.  We had an early lunch and got everyone loaded into the car.  We made it on time.  My husband was able to take his lunch break from working at home and go with us.  When it was time for Lexiana’s teacher to get her out of the car, Lexiana cooperated and did just fine.  She didn’t cry a bit.  I was so proud of my big girl.  I did shed a few tears after we pulled away.  I couldn’t help it.  It’s her first big, definitive step away from us.  And, like I said, she will always be my baby girl.

When we picked her up, complete with a small bouquet of flowers that she really wanted, she happily told us all about her day.  She said she didn’t make any friends just yet.  We explained that takes time. She told us about tracing the letter A, the story they read, the Play-Doh she played with and the play carousel she went on. She had a great time.  I felt loads better knowing that everything went well.  She’s got quite a year ahead of her with lots to learn and friendships to make.  My extroverted, sweet girl will be great at making friends.  She’s got all the skills.  I can’t wait to see what this year will bring.

And, while she was at school and her brother was napping, I had time to put together this project (based on an idea I found on Pinterest).  I plan to do this every first day of school for both kids to give to them in a book when they graduate high school.  Though I might have seen her as much smaller, this is how my big girl really looked on her first day of school.

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