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A couple of weeks ago, a mom’s group I belong to asked members what their favorite thing is in their house that wasn’t a person or pet.  I thought about it and thought about it.  I’m not in love with my house.  I’m thankful for it.  It is my home, but what makes it my home is the people who live in it with me.  I think any place I lived with my husband, children and dog would feel like home.

I tried to think of something.  I have jewelry that is precious to me because of the sentiment behind it.  I have musical instruments that are precious to me because of our history together.  I have books I love.  I have a computer I am attached to.  I have a kitchen table and China hutch that I hold dear because they belonged to my paternal grandma.  But, none of those make me beam with happiness every time I look at them.  None of them seemed to fit.  In the end, I didn’t respond because I just couldn’t think of anything.

Then I realized there is one item in my house right now that makes me happy.  It’s an item I got for Christmas. It’s something I’ve never had before and now can’t imagine living without.  It’s something that represents the stage of life I’m in right now.  It’s a red KitchenAid stand mixer. (I’ll pause while you let the patheticness of that sink in.)  My mixer makes me happy.  It makes me feel competent in the kitchen.  It makes me feel like I can make anything.  It makes me feel like I’m taking care of my family with homemade goods.

This red KitchenAid stand mixer makes me incredibly happy. (Photo from

I’ve come a long way in the kitchen.  I’ve shared with you before how I started out my married life with few cooking skills.  We ate hot dogs a lot.  I once messed up Hamburger Helper so badly that we had McDonald’s for dinner.  So now when I use that stand mixer to do something like make pizza dough or rolls from scratch, I feel accomplished.  When I use it to make whole wheat banana bread with my daughter, I feel proud.  I have learned skills that I’m using to feed her good food.  I have skills that I’m sharing with her.  One day she’ll have to be able to make her own food.  (And, I will share these things with my son, too.  He’s just not big enough, yet.)

The other funny part of this red stand mixer being my favorite is the fact that it’s red.  My favorite color is purple.  When I first was looking for stand mixers, I found a non-KitchenAid one with a much leaner price tag. Of its colors, I picked red.  My parents, who were generous enough to get the mixer for me for Christmas, decided to go ahead and upgrade me to the KitchenAid.  They still went with red as I had said.  It comes in lots of colors, including a weird version of purple called boysenberry, yet I still prefer my red one. There’s something sort of classic and 1950s housewife about it.  It doesn’t necessarily match my kitchen, but then again nothing attractive would match our cat pee yellow countertops.  It looks pretty cool, I suppose, next to our black and stainless steel appliances.  Something just strikes me as right in having this red stand mixer.  It makes me giggle, as well, knowing that red is my mom’s favorite color.  I am becoming more like my mother, and I’m OK with that, too.

So, if I had to pick one favorite item in my house, my mixer is what I’d pick.  My sister-in-law also got the same thing from my parents and even has a name for hers.  I’ve tried to think of a name for mine.  For now, my mixer is nameless.  I’m not sure if it’ll ever have a name, but that’s OK, too.  I just hope that as the years pass, my kiddos and husband will be glad to see me pull out my mixer.  I’m hopeful they’ll look forward to what I’m making.  I’m looking forward to continuing to learn more and more in the kitchen as I tackle more recipes.  My stand mixer and I have quite the future!

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