A fair-y good day

When I was in high school, I made the fair circuit every summer for marching band competitions.  I seldom saw much of the county fairs we went to or the state fair in August, but I was there.  It was usually hot.  I was in a wool band uniform, marching around with a trombone.  This sounds miserable, but I loved every minute of it.

Since high school, I’ve not gone to the fair very much.  It’s just not something I was very interested in.  Fast forward to having a kiddo and that all started to change.  When my kiddos got tickets to the state fair through the summer reading program at our library, I decided we’d head to the state fair with the big kiddo this year.  We went yesterday and we had a blast.

Over Memorial weekend this year we’d taken Lexiana to a small parking lot carnival and she enjoyed riding the rides.  The expression on her face of pure joy made my husband and I as happy as she was.  After checking out the program for the state fair and reading about a Kiddie Midway designed just for little ones, I knew she’d have a great time.

We packed up a few things and loaded into the car yesterday morning.  We made a pit stop by my in-laws’ house and dropped off our dog and our baby.  Drake wouldn’t have nearly as good of time at the fair cruising around in his stroller.  Plus, we’re always looking for ways to do things individually with our two kiddos (especially the one who can actually remember things already).  The kiddo was excited. We were a bit more reserved, but we were happy to take her.

We arrived before the rides opened, so we explored a few exhibits.  We saw lots of agricultural exhibits.  Honestly, most of them weren’t all that interesting to us.  We came across an interactive exhibit where kiddos got to do pretend farm chores.  It was organized so that they followed a path doing different tasks and then at the end received play money they could spend on one item in a “store” filled with healthy snacks.  Lexiana enjoyed that and munched on the cereal bar she chose as we decided it was lunch time anyway.  We all filled up on corn dogs and cheese fries.  It wasn’t healthy, but it was the fair — and it was yummy!

My daughter and husband on the carousel at the state fair. The kiddo named her horse and had to give her a hug and kiss before leaving.

Finally it was time to hit the rides and our little one was thrilled.  Most rides required children to be at least 42 inches tall to ride alone.  Lexiana measures right at 42 inches, so it worked well.  We bought her an unlimited band for rides, which cost an arm and a leg, but it was worth it.  She loved everything except the tall slide that had small bumps in it going down.  I rode on one ride with her, my husband helped her through two rides on the carousel and we all rode the Ferris wheel together, but she did all the others by herself.  And she did a great job.  She listened to us and to the ride operators.  She followed instructions.  She paused to share a funnel cake with us.  When we told her it was time to go, she was disappointed, but she cooperated.  We were all tired.

We stopped to try an apple cider slushy on the way out and then loaded into the car to head home.  It was a good day.  I was proud of my big girl for trying rides and enjoying herself.  She had a grand time.  We had a grand time being with her.  She can’t wait to go back next year.  It looks like going to the fair may become a regular thing in my summers once again.  And at least I don’t have to wear a wool uniform!

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