Time really does fly

I continue to be amazed at how quickly time passes.  This week is a sort of monumental one for some little ones in my life and it’s the first of many such times, I’m sure.  Yesterday my niece started kindergarten.  Holy moly! Just yesterday I feel like I was going to the hospital to see her and falling in love with her so completely.  And now she’s a vivacious nearly 6-year-old girl who is going to kindergarten!  And she’s the big sister to three 4-year-old brothers.  Oh, yes, and of course she’s the big cousin to my own to kiddos.

I remember when my niece was born.  It was at a very difficult time for me personally.  My husband had lost his job.  I had no clue when he’d get a new one.  I had no clue when we’d be able to try and have our own family for financial and health reasons.  I remember sitting one afternoon holding my niece in her room and just looking at this tiny precious baby.  I was praying for her.  And I was talking to God about my own life. At that moment, I knew if this was all I got, I was blessed.  It was enough to be the aunt to this precious baby girl.  I still feel that way about my niece, but the best part is that my blessings have abounded and continued.  Two years later, I became the aunt to three baby boys when my sister-in-law had triplets.  And three months after that, I welcomed my own baby girl into the world.

My two kiddos earlier this month when we were on vacation.

Time is continuing to fly by as all those little ones are growing.  My daughter will start preschool this fall.  And she has her first ballet recital this Sunday.  She’s getting so big.  Along with her, my baby boy is growing.  Today he is 6 months old.  How does that happen?  It’s been a rocky six months.  We’ve had some struggles to figure out and work through for him.  I’ve had some struggles myself and am still in the midst of dealing with shingles while praying that my little ones don’t end up with chicken pox as a result.  But, it’s also been a good six months.  I’ve gotten to see my newborn grow into a baby who rolls around, almost sits up on his own, smiles all the time, laughs often and adores his big sister.  I’ve gotten to see my preschooler come more into her own and grow even more independent while falling in love with her baby brother.  She wants to protect him and entertain him.  She wants to take care of him.

Time is flying by.  I’m holding on by the seat of my pants trying to take the time and appreciate all the small moments and big ones.  I’m trying not to be so busy surviving that I miss enjoying this phase of life. It’s a daily struggle, quite honestly, but I think I’m getting there a little more each day.  I can’t wait to see what the next six months bring — and the next and the next!

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