Birthday woes and blessings

I have sort of crummy birthday luck.  Don’t get me wrong, I love having a birthday.  After all, it means I’m still around!  But I tend to have bad luck right around or on my birthday.  I missed my 16th birthday for a band concert in order to keep my GPA in tact.  (Oh, no.  I’m not still bitter or anything.)  On my 20th birthday, my dog died.  These are my biggest examples.  Every year I’m hopeful for a good birthday.  I’m hopeful to overcome my bad birthday luck.

One of the blessings I'm counting this birthday is this sweet little girl who brings such joy to my life.

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I know.  It ought to be a national holiday or something.  To say my bad luck has struck again might be a bit of an understatement.  We’ve had quite a few issues around here this week with problems in our house that include a major repair bill.  I’m not enthused or amused.  And, quite honestly, I’ve felt a bit mopey about it.  I had a small pity party (who has time for more than that?!) about how I have bad birthday luck and now my birthday is ruined.  Yada, yada, yada.

But, I’m giving myself some perspective as look around me.  As I look beyond the house-related issues we’re having right now.  I see a beautiful 3-year-old girl who is bright, intelligent, funny and compassionate.  I see a handsome 3-month-old baby boy who is happy, healthy, baby chatty and snuggly.  I see a furry doggy who is loyal, playful when he’s feeling better (poor guy pulled a ligament in his back a couple of weeks ago) and also snuggly.  I see evidence of a husband of 13-1/2 years who is super cute, sensitive, funny, intelligent, thoughtful and romantic.

I also see plenty of food to eat.  I see clean clothes for us to wear (mostly I’m seeing them because there is a laundry basket of folded clean laundry sitting in front of me in the living room right now).  I see a home that protects us from the elements and is filled with love.  I look beyond my walls and think of my extended family, including my in-laws, who love us and help us in so many ways.

Another beautiful blessing I'm counting is this little guy who makes my heart happy!

Sometimes life’s circumstances just plain suck.  Sometimes the timing is crummy.  Happy birthday to us!  (Did I mention my husband’s birthday is the day after mine?  Poor guy gets lumped into my birthday luck.)  But, it’s not the end of the world.  I have so very many blessings.  I have so much for which to be thankful even in the midst of a few trials.  God has provided and continues to provide for me.  He is faithful.  And those are things I need to remember and focus on this birthday. I get to choose how I want to spend this birthday (and every day).  I can spend it having a pity party and being bitter about things that are going wrong.  Or I can spend it being thankful for the abundance of blessings and things going right that I have.  I am consciously making the decision to count my blessings instead of my sorrows.  I will choose an attitude of gratitude, because life is good even when it’s not perfect.  What better birthday gift could a girl ask for?

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