MDP Date 11: The spy date

Our 11th Marriage Dating Project date was one of trickier ones to figure out.  For a couple of weeks now I’ve been on a modified bed rest with this pregnancy for issues I’m having (the good news is the baby is fine!).  And it looks like it’s going to be that way until our little guy is born the end of January.  So, I’m not really leaving the house all that much.  I do best sitting somewhere soft and comfy or lying down.  So, when we had some time to ourselves this past Friday when my husband was off work for the holiday, we tried to figure out what exactly I could do.  We talked about renting a movie and popping popcorn in the microwave.  But, I was also getting antsy to just feel a bit normal and be out of the house.

I decided since the kiddo was with my parents for the day I’d take the risk of possibly feeling worse and head to a matinee.  I knew I couldn’t manage lunch or dinner out as well, but that was OK because I really wanted movie popcorn.  My husband double-checked a few times that I was sure I was up for trying this.  Then we had to figure out what to see.  We love movies, but with this going on, we haven’t been to a movie in a while and knew that going again any time soon might not be an option.  We finally decided on the latest James Bond movie.  I figured an action movie is always good for popcorn crunching.  (Really, it was all about the popcorn for me!)

We headed out for our afternoon show, even more excited when I remembered I had a free movie ticket after sending in some codes for a promotion with Kellogg’s cereals a while back.  I took my husband up on letting him drop me off at the door.  Usually I decline, but it was a cold, windy day and walking is a chore right now.  I love that after all these years and all the times I usually decline that he still offers to do this for me.  He’s a good man.

We got our popcorn and enjoyed our movie.  It was a bit crowded because we weren’t the only ones who thought a matinee on Black Friday sounded like a good plan, but it wasn’t too bad.  I made it through the movie pretty well and only started getting uncomfortable in about the last 30 minutes.  It was better than I expected.

We headed home to continue our date there after the movie ended.  I was ready to be back home.  We settled into the couch where I almost instantly fell asleep.  My husband entertained himself with a new video game.  He didn’t object one bit to me napping on our date.  He’s a good, understanding man.

An hour later, I spent a bit of time reading a book while Chris finished the level he was playing.  Then we decided to make frozen pizza for dinner and watch the fall premiere episode of “Burn Notice.”  It was two hours long and we’d not had time to watch it before.  So, we continued with our spy theme and watched the premiere on the DVR and then the next episode as well.

It was low-key, as usual.  I’m pretty sure I say that about most of our dates, but we are low-key people.  It was a very good date, though.  I was excited to be out of the house and feel a bit more like a “normal” person again.  And it was a good reminder of how much my husband really does take good care of me.  I know this always.  He’s patient, loving and helpful.  Sometimes when times are trickier like they are right now, though, I get good reminders of all he really does for me and our family.  And I am incredibly thankful and blessed.

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