Overwhelming moments

Sometimes I get overwhelmed in both good and bad ways.  And sometimes those feelings coincide with one another all in one day.  Yesterday was one such day.  I was overwhelmed by a new challenge I’m facing.  Though I feel like I’m overall handling it well and remembering how God has seen me through many difficult times like this, I still have moments when I get overwhelmed by ongoing challenges like this one.

One of the items I saw pinned yesterday that uplifted me right when I needed it most.

But, then in the midst of that self-pity party, I was overwhelmed by God’s goodness.  First it came through appropriately placed pins on Pinterest.  God works even through social media!  Then in the afternoon I got a card from my great-aunt that was simple and encouraging and just what I needed.

While I often beat myself up for not always truly learning lessons the first time around, I realize I’m making progress.  There have been times in my life where the good things wouldn’t have gotten much notice.  I might not have paid attention.  I might not have seen them for what they are: encouragement from God when I need it most.  And I might not have been as thankful for the people who were open to being used by Him to minister to my soul, even when they didn’t realize it.  That’s progress.

It’s something I’m going to try very hard to grasp on to over these next couple of months.  I’m looking ahead and seeing a few months of being at home and not being able to do much.  I’ve been here before with my bladder, but that was before I had a 3-year-old to care for.  Now I’m back in the same situation thanks to a baby hanging out on my sensitive interstitial cystitis-ridden bladder.  I know it’s going to be challenging to function when standing up and walking are painful, but I also know in the end I’ll have a baby boy in my arms.  (The best news is the baby boy is completely unaffected and perfectly healthy.)  And I know I have support from so many sources, including my husband, daughter and extended family.  Most of all, I know that I have One who is always with me.  One Who gives me strength when mine fails.  He’s seen me through many challenges in the past.  He’s not going to forget me now.  And I’m incredibly thankful for that.  I can make any journey I’m on with Him by my side.

I’m sure to have many other moments in my life — and these next few months in particular — when I’m overwhelmed in both good and bad ways.  My journey is still progressing forward.  I just pray that I’ll be as open to being overwhelmed with good as I am with bad.  I never want to forget to have an attitude of gratitude even when the going gets tough!

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