MDP Date 10: The lazy date

Our October Marriage Dating Project Date was about as low-key as a date gets.  We didn’t do much planning for it.  We didn’t do much for it, period.  And it was OK.  In fact, it was exactly what we both needed.

Last week was a busy week.  It concluded on Saturday morning with our kiddo’s first trip to ballet class.  The class was a complete disappointment and we won’t be returning, but after class, I dropped her off with my mom and hurried home in time for Role Play Day.  We’ve recently started a new campaign switching from Savage World’s Deadlands to the Marvel Heroic RPG.  I’m playing as Ms. Marvel in all her hot, hiney-kicking glory.    My husband and I enjoyed a fun afternoon with our friends pretending to be superheroes around the dining room table then ended with a dinner just the two of us Burger King that involved Cinnabons for dessert.  (I’m not so into cinnamon rolls, but those things have sounded so good this pregnancy!)

By the time Sunday rolled around, we were all exhausted.  We had lunch out planned with my in-laws to celebrate both my mother-in-law and father-in-law’s October birthdays.  The kiddo wanted to go home with them.  We obliged thinking we could get in our MDP date that way anyway, since we were cutting it quite close to the end of October.  Our plan was to watch “The Avengers” on DVD.  We’d not seen it since we went to the IMAX for it on our birthdays back in May.  We thought we’d also carve our big pumpkin for our daughter and then let her paint the little ones on Monday evening.

Here’s what we really did.  After lunch, we made an impromptu trip to a regional superstore thanks to a tip from a friend about nursery decor we’ve been looking at.  Then we came home.  My husband had a couple of things to do on his computer.  I started watching an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta” and fell asleep halfway through.  Like I said, it was a busy week.  And I’m growing another human (yes, I’m going to use that excuse as much as possible!).

I woke up long enough to switch positions and ask my husband to wake me up in 30 minutes so we could do something.  Being the good man that he is, he agreed and completely understood my tiredness.  When he woke me up, we talked for a while about what to do.  Neither one of us felt like dealing with the pumpkin.  And both of us were worried we’d fall asleep should we turn on “The Avengers,” even though it’s a really good movie.  So, we decided to watch some shows on the DVR and have a snack.

I popped some microwave popcorn.  He found some chips.  We both changed into comfy clothes and then snuggled into the couch with our snacks and the remote.  We watched a few Halloween sort of shows like “Mockingbird Lane” (I was disappointed that it was more drama than comedy) and “Supernatural.”

We were part way through an episode of “Grimm” when my father-in-law showed up with the kiddo since it was getting close to her bed time.  We spent 30 minutes playing together as a family before we put her down.  After she went to bed, we finished “Grimm” and hung out just a bit more before I fell asleep on the couch.  Like pretty much every night these days, Chris woke me up to go to bed.

It was about as low-key a date as you can get.  It wasn’t fancy.  We didn’t even have the motivation to pull out the popcorn popper and make popcorn that way instead of in the microwave.  But, it was a good date nonetheless.  We got some time together.  We got to rest, which we both really needed to do.  We got to connect without having to keep one ear open to the baby monitor. (Yes, she’s 3, and yes, we still use the monitor, because she hasn’t mastered our doorknobs just yet.)  We got to just be.  And sometimes, even when  you’re married parents and don’t get lots of couple time without a kiddo in tow, that’s what you need more than anything.  A lazy date?  Sure.  The perfect date for this weekend?  Definitely.

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