A late Boss’ Day tribute

This past Tuesday was National Boss’ Day.  A friend posted about it on Facebook.  I read it right before I hurried to shovel down a bowl of cereal while my kiddo knocked on her bedroom door for me to come and get her up for the day (she’s still working on mastering round doorknobs).  I almost laughed at the irony.

I’ve had only a hand full of bosses in my day.  I started with the owner of a jewelry store with whom I did an internship in high school.  Then I had a part-time job on campus during college.  In grad school, I was an assistant to the department chair and eventually worked in a museum as assistant historian answering to the curator.  In 2003, though, I took the plunge and started working for myself as a freelancer.  So for many years, I’d joke that I ought to take myself out to lunch on Boss’ Day and complain that I could never get away from my boss.  Those sorts of things.

My boss on her birthday earlier this month

I still freelance, but my boss perspective shifted back in October 2009 when my daughter entered the world.  Newborns demand everything.  She quickly became my new boss.  Even while I still juggled work, I did so around her schedule.  I’d work at 6 a.m. before she was up.  I’d work during nap time.  Those kind of things.  She was my new boss.  Now she’s 3, and she’s pretty much still my boss.  While she doesn’t run the show around here (no 3-year-old should have that power!), she still dictates a lot of my life.  She depends on me when she wakes up to help her get ready for the day.  She depends on me to make her breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  She depends on me to help her a bit with going to the bathroom.  She depends on me to help her find ways to entertain herself.  She depends on me to read her books.  She depends on me for so very many things.  She’s still my boss.

I’ve compared her to my other bosses of the past.  She’s not nearly as hard on me as I am on myself as my own boss.  She’s probably the most demanding boss I’ve had.  My previous bosses were pretty good at not micromanaging, assigning me tasks and letting me complete them on my own.  My daughter can be a bit bossier and she isn’t great at giving long-term deadlines.  Her needs tend to be more of the immediate variety.  As a 3-year-0ld, she doesn’t plan ahead.

I joked with some other moms about whether I needed to do anything for my daughter in honor of Boss’ Day.  I didn’t do anything with her.  Well, I did let her hang out with my mom while I did some major grocery shopping.  It was more pleasant for both of us that way.  She’d have done fine at the store, but she definitely had more fun playing with her Lolly.

Even though she’s more demanding than my other bosses, she really is my favorite.  The rewards of this job are the best ones I’ve had so far.  It’s hard work for sure.  And it requires lots of overtime and no vacation time.  But, I get paid with lots of snuggles, kisses and sweetness.  I get paid with smiles and giggles.  I get paid with seeing the person my daughter is growing into.  I get paid with marveling at her creativity as we play.  She’s also the cutest boss I’ve ever had.  That makes up for a lot of her sometimes crazy demands.

Boss’ Day has a different meaning to me than it used to.  But, I suppose that’s true for much of my life.  Just like everyone says, everything changes when you become a parent.  It’s changed my life completely.  And I’m thankful for that.

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