MDP Date 9: Movies and home projects

I wanted September’s Marriage Dating Project date to be a different one.  I wanted it to be creative and out-of-the-ordinary.  It ended up not really being either of those things, but it was good nonetheless.  It sort of snuck up on us this month for some reason.

Me at our lunch.

This past Saturday started with taking photos to commemorate our daughter turning 3.  And, because we’ve not done them since her first birthday photo shoot, we did a few family photos, too.  We even included the dog in some and got a couple of shots of my husband and I together.  It was a busy morning as a family.  The kiddo was thrilled in the end to be able to go play on the playground for a bit.  The dog was thrilled to get to sniff his way around the park.  They were both exhausted by the time we finished just before lunch.  We took the kiddo to my parents’ house.  As always, they were happy to have her over and fed her a good lunch and got her down for a nap.  We took the dog home and my husband changed clothes.  I felt sort of cute with a new hair cut that I love and new maternity clothes.  It’s been a while since I’ve felt that way, so I decided my outfit was staying the same.

Then we had to figure out what to do.  We’d talked about it for a few days off and on.  I’d even asked friends for advice.  I got some great suggestions like going for a hike, on a picnic or to music in the park, but we’d spent the morning in the park, there was no live music going on outside since autumn is upon us and a picnic without the kiddo just didn’t seem right because she loves them so much.  We’d talked about seeing the movie “Looper” for a while after seeing previews.  We looked up movie times.  We settled on a showing at a theater about 45 minutes away.  We’d have just enough time for lunch beforehand at Red Robin.  We opted for a matinee.  I like matinees.  They’re cheaper, we’re home in time to put the kiddo to bed and they’re not usually crowded.

My silly husband at lunch.

The drive down was relatively quiet.  We chatted a bit about names for this second kiddo.  Fingers crossed that learning the gender soon will help us come up with some name ideas.  Right now we have no name contenders.  Then my husband dozed just a bit.  I can’t blame him.  He drives that stretch of interstate everyday for work.  The man deserved to be able to snooze while riding.

We pulled into Red Robin with just over an hour before movie start time.  We talked about how the last time we’d eaten there, I had to wait outside and pump milk in the car before going in and joining my husband and some friends for dinner.  I realized I’m going back into days like those again in a few months.

The fun part of Red Robin is that it’s one place we can actually share food.  Most places we go, my husband and I like completely different items.  Since we were sharing an entree, we decided to try the soft pretzel appetizer.  I’ve had a total carb obsession this pregnancy, including soft pretzels, so I loved it!  And I was nice enough to share with my husband!  Then we split a burger and fries.  It works out to be just the right amount of food.

We had good conversation over lunch.  It’s nice to have chances to sit and talk without interruption.  Sometimes finding a chance to communicate in the midst of taking care of our kiddo can be challenging.  I think I say this pretty much every date review, but I really do enjoy being able to just sit and talk with my husband.  It’s great to connect.  And it reminds me how much I really just enjoy his company and how much he makes me laugh.

We headed off to our movie nearby just in time.  It was a decent movie.  It ended up being a bit different than both of us expected, but not really in a bad way.  Afterward, we decided to go on home.  I really wanted to work on our daughter’s room.  I know that doesn’t sound like great date activity, but it was a good time for us to be able to work in her room without distraction.  And I liked the idea of getting her room finished before her birthday party the next day.  When we moved her to her big girl bed way back in January, we decided to go with a Minnie Mouse, hot pink, black and white theme.  We got a Minnie Mouse comforter and toss pillow.  We got hot pink valances for the window.  We got a black cubby thing with hot pink bins.  We had bright colored flowers we put on her fan blades.  But, the decorations stopped there.  The animals from her nursery theme were still on the walls.

The finished collage hanging above the kiddo's dresser. I'm pretty proud of how craft I was last week!

During the week, I’d worked one afternoon with my mom and gotten the rest of the decor put together.  I’d had everything bought for months and just hadn’t had time to work on it.  I painted wood letters spelling her name black with white polka dots.  I put together a collage with a postcard we sent after from Disney that has all the signatures of Mickey Mouse and friends along with some chipboard Mickey Mouse and friends characters.  My mom painted flowers, hearts and polka dots to hang with her name.  She helped me make bows with hot pink and white polka dot ribbon that looks like Minnie Mouse.  I picked up some Minnie Mouse wall decals at Walmart (note that I got them at Walmart for $10; a few days later I saw the exact same ones at Toys R Us for $15, so go the Walmart route on this stuff!).  I had everything ready, but I needed Chris’ help filling in nail holes and hanging things.  I’m not so great in that department.

So, the rest of our date was spent doing these things. It doesn’t sound like fun, but it was.  We were working together toward something we both wanted to do for our daughter.  There were different points at which he had to follow my lead and others at which I had to follow his.  We had to listen to one another.  We had to work together to pull it all together, which is true for any home project.  We found our groove, as usual.

And when my parents arrived with the kiddo a bit before her bedtime, we were thrilled to show her what all we’d done.  We got everything hung except the wall decals, which I was able to do the following day before her birthday party.  She was excited and so were we.  We realized we’d even forgotten to eat dinner.  But, that was OK.  We had time together.  We had fun together having lunch out and going to a movie.  We relaxed.  Then we came home and worked together and accomplished the task set before us.  It wasn’t the most exciting, original or creative date, but it was a good date.  We had a nice time together and even have something to show for our time spent together in her newly decorated room.  Not too shabby!

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