Keeping surprise secrets is hard!

I’ve always thought I’m good at keeping secrets, but keeping secrets from those I am closest to is the ultimate challenge.  I’ve planned surprise parties for my husband and my mom.  It was pure torture.  They are the two people I talk to most on this planet.  I had numerous times when I’d start to tell them something party planning related and had to stop myself.  Once I even sent out a plea for help to our friends before my husband’s surprise in order to get some support to stay mum.

Right now I’m sitting on a secret from my kiddo.  It’s hard — really, really hard.  I am not 100 percent open with her, because she’s way too young and certainly doesn’t need to know everything I know or have going on.  She wouldn’t even understand a lot of it.  But, I have had her birthday gifts since the beginning of July.  I know she’ll love them and it’s torture to not give them to her or tell her about them.  I’ve done a good job at blocking them out of my mind.  They are tucked away in the closet of our spare bedroom (that will soon be transformed into a nursery — yikes!).  But now that I’m working on planning her party at the end of the month, I keep thinking about them.

This cartoon doctor for toys and stuffed animals has won my daughter's heart. And now I've been stuck keeping the pile of related birthday gifts a secret for two months. I still have three weeks left to go. Wish me luck!

My child loves Doc McStuffins.  And when I say loves, I mean LOVES!  She wears her stethoscope almost all the time.   She had a trip to the pediatrician this week for a hurt heel (she’s fine now) and wore it to the office.  Her pediatrician was nice enough to let Lexiana pretend to listen to her heart first.  She sometimes will call me Hallie, Doc’s trusty assistant.  She loves Doc McStuffins through and through.  So when we came across Doc McStuffins’ toys at a toy store the beginning of July, we bought quite a few things.  Doc McStuffins is relatively new on Disney (just started earlier this year).  The toys were just released.  And since we bought them, we’ve never seen them in the store again.  They’re sold out online.  I’ve not really gotten into the hype of buying things that are hard to come by, but I’m so glad we didn’t wait when we saw the toys.  (Fortunately, it was a shopping trip without the kiddo along.  My husband and I were both so excited in the aisle seeing the toys I’m sure other shoppers thought we were crazy!)

And so I’ve been sitting on them and keeping this secret from my child.  Boo hiss!  It’s been hard.  I have easily convinced her we should have a Doc McStuffins’ theme for her birthday party.  That wasn’t a hard sell at all.  I didn’t think about the fact that there is no pre-made party stuff in this theme.  I’ve done some research online and pinned multiple ideas of things to do.  We should be all set.  Now I just have to try and remain patient over these next three weeks while planning her party.  And I have to try and keep my mouth shut.  The good news is that at almost 3, she’s not astute enough to know my tricks.  I tend to overcompensate when I’m trying to keep a secret by going overboard the other way.  My husband can see right through me when I’m trying to convince him I never thought of getting him a certain gift that I already have tucked away somewhere.  I’ll revel in that for now she really won’t be onto me.

Wish me luck at keeping this secret for just a while longer!

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