MDP: Date 8 — The gaming date

Last Thursday through Sunday was consumed for my husband and me with Gen Con Indy and its activities.  I told you last week how excited I was about this gaming convention.  I love to go and I love to have the chance to write about it for different publications.  It’s just plain fun!

We ended up having our August Marriage Dating Project date during Gen Con Indy.  We had a gaming session on Saturday afternoon that ended an hour earlier than expected.  So we decided to have a nice dinner out instead of grabbing something quick from a food truck (our first food truck experiences, by the way!) or the convention center food court.  We trekked over to Weber Grill.  It’s one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Indianapolis.  We spent our 12th anniversary dinner at this restaurant last year when we were in the area for Gen Con Indy 2011.  My husband and I have pretty different tastes when it comes to ordering food at a restaurant, but we’ve discovered at Weber Grill there is one dish we both love.  And if we share it, then we have plenty of room for the basket of yummy pretzels rolls we get and then still have room for dessert.

So we split a grilled pizza.  My husband loves the crust and zip of the tomato sauce and pesto.  I like those things, too, but I love the meatballs.  Oh my goodness they are so good!  Even better is my husband, who seldom eats meat, doesn’t want his so I get all of the meatballs.  It’s glorious!  While we munched our pizza together, we chatted about the games we’d played and our experiences.  I had a few questions about gaming that popped up.  My husband is definitely the gaming expert between the two of us.  It was nice to sit, relax, share good food and talk about our weekend.  It was nice to sit and chat without interruptions.  The dinner was nicely concluded with chocolate cake for me (my biggest regret is I can never eat it all) and creme brulee for my husband.

We walked over to a nearby drugstore and picked up a few snacks for the late gaming session we were headed to.  The role playing system we use is Savage Worlds.  I’ve played a few other systems since I started role playing and Savage Worlds remains my favorite.  Each Saturday at Gen Con, the creators of Savage Worlds host “Savage Saturday Night.” They use a big room in one of the hotels beside the convention center where games run pretty much around the clock and fill it with tables playing Savage Worlds games.  We usually play a genre called Deadlands, which takes place in the Weird West.  It’s the Wild West with some different technology and creative additions.  We were looking forward to maybe trying out a different setting.

We didn’t have tickets specific to Savage Saturday Night, so we got there early to wait with our generic tickets.  The Savage World folks had told us they had extra game masters (people who run the game) standing by to run additional games so pretty much everyone could get into a game.  We got in with the second group playing in a Robotech setting.  Robotechs are anime transforming robots.  I didn’t know anything about Robotech.  Chris says I watched an episode once, but I don’t remember it.  He is a big Robotech fan.  I was up for anything.  We spent the next four hours in Robotech character mode.  Chris was the senior officer in charge.  I was his second-in-command who was an alien.  We battled other mechs.  We eventually took out a terrorist warlord.  I kicked some butt.  Chris kicked some butt.  It was a really good time.

We walked back to the car before heading to our hotel for some much needed sleep talking about the game and the good time we’d had.  I liked the chance to play with Chris.  In our own games, he is usually the one in charge.  When someone else is, the character he plays sort of does his own thing, so it was nice to be a united front.  It was a lot like how we approach life together.  We’re a team and united front.  It’s fun to explore that in gaming as well.  As soon as Chris took the highest ranking officer character, I was fine to take the second in command to take orders from him.  Especially in gaming, it’s a natural fit to me.  He’s a great strategist with lots of gaming experience.  There is nobody else I’d rather follow into a battle.  And that’s true in life as well.  He’s practical, level-headed and supportive.  There’s nobody else I’d rather be in the trenches of life with than him.

This kind of gaming date probably isn’t for everyone.  It’s great for us.  We both love gaming.  We love working together.  And we really enjoyed the chance to play outside of our usual game with other people.  In the midst of the busyness and fun of Gen Con Indy 2012, it was nice to have an evening to connect through a nice dinner and then join forces in a game.  Yep, it was a good date!

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks for specific game reviews from Gen Con Indy including a preview of the Marvel deck-building games, Mice and Mystics, Marvel Heroics RPG and more!

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