Happy Gen Con Indy Eve!

Happy Gen Con Indy Eve!  I’m posting a bit early this week because tomorrow morning, we’re heading out for Gen Con Indy bright and early.  It’s about an hour away from us and we’ve gone for the last few years.  Gen Con Indy brings together gamers from all over the country and showcases board games, card games, role playing games, electronic games, artwork, authors and anything else you can think of gaming related.  The first year we went, my husband had to convince me to go.  Now it’s something I mark on my calendar and look forward to every year.  It usually falls over our anniversary (Aug. 7), but this year, it’s later.  In fact, we almost didn’t know how to celebrate our anniversary without going to Gen Con.

I’ll have some game reviews and information for you coming up over the next week or two from our four days exploring the exhibit hall and participating in games.  This will be my second Gen Con while pregnant.  My first pregnant Gen Con back in 2009 I was seven months pregnant and definitely had a bigger bump and was getting more tired.  I sat down on the side of the busy exhibit hall floor to rest while my husband was still looking around and found myself still there 30 minutes later when I woke from a nap.  The cool thing about Gen Con is that you can find gamers sleeping all over the Indiana Convention Center at any given time.  So, I fit right in.  I’m not sure if I’ll have an exhibit hall floor nap again this year, but we’ll see.  At four months, I’m past the first trimester utter exhaustion, but I’m not feeling super high energy.

Another funny component to Gen Con while pregnant is the hormones.  I know that sounds weird.  But, I’ve been reading coverage from Gen Con’s Facebook page and a few other organizations I follow on Facebook who are going to be at Gen Con and earlier today found myself getting a bit teary-eyed with anticipation.  Seriously.  Hormones, I tell you.  It adds to the excitement maybe.

The other issue I deal with every Gen Con has nothing to do with pregnancy or hormones but with my personality type.  I’ve told you before: I’m a total introvert.  I know this about myself.  Most of my days are spent at home with my kiddo, husband and dog.  I’m not a hermit and get out and about, but for the most part, I’m pretty solo.  Gen Con is a HUGE amount of people.  You can barely turn around in the exhibit hall without bumping into someone.  There are people in costume.  There are people in street clothes (that would be like us).  There are just people everywhere.  Usually by the end of the first day all this overwhelming mass of people leaves me with a throbbing head.  My husband thinks it’s the noise.  I think that’s part of it.  I think most of it, though, is just my brain getting tired of trying to process everything and deal with so many people.

I know that makes me sound so anti-social.  I am not super anti-social, but like the introvert I am, I like quiet more than commotion.  Gen Con can be a bit overwhelming, even though it’s in a good way.  I’ll make sure to have Tylenol with me and on hand just in case.  There will also be some snacks stowed away in our bag just in case.  A hungry pregnant girl is not a happy one — headache or not!

My biggest highlight of Gen Con 2011 was seeing this statue of Drizzt Do'Urden, my absolute favorite fictional character ever. I was so excited to see this figure from books come to life that I was literally shaking.

One good thing about all the people at Gen Con (last year had more than 36,000 attendees) is that it makes for great people watching.  The first year we attended, I didn’t know what to expect.  I was a bit taken aback by some of the costumes.  Now I love them.  I love seeing the guy who built an R2D2 and is showing it off in the hallway.  I love seeing the guy walking on stilts in a Chewbaca costume (and I marvel at him since my feet get tired from all the walking in my comfortable tennis shoes!).  I love seeing the drow elves, the Dr. Whos, the Luke Skywalkers and all of the others.  And those not in costume are also good for people watching.  People from all ages and backgrounds come to Gen Con.  I get a bit defensive with those who stereotype Gen Con attendees.  Last year I heard an exhibitor in the exhibition hall as it was opening telling someone how many white legs and awkward people they’d see.  We bought nothing from that booth.  One of the best thing about all the attendees is that even from different walks of life, they’re all there for the love of gaming.  We’ve never had anyone be rude or disrespectful.  We’ve played in many games and never had an issue beyond an occasional know-it-all type of person that you’re apt to find in any such situation.

It really is a good experience.  If you’re into gaming at all and if you live anywhere near Indianapolis, I strongly suggest checking out Gen Con Indy.  You can get a one-day badge for $50 on site or a four-day badge on site for $80.  The best deal happens Sunday on Family Day when a family of four can gain admittance for $30!  Even better is Sunday is the day a lot of the exhibitors mark down their wares to avoid paying to ship them back.

Hope to see you there!  And if that’s not possible, stay tuned because I’ll tell you all about Gen Con Indy 2012!

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