An anniversary celebration with big news

Today is a special day around here — it’s my 13th wedding anniversary.  I can’t believe it’s already been 13 years.  In some ways it feels like just yesterday I was putting on that white dress and ready to walk down the aisle to my future as a missus.  And in other ways, I sometimes have trouble remembering life before being married.  I definitely have trouble remembering life before my husband.  He asked me to be his girlfriend on my 15th birthday and I’ve never stopped.  We have quite a history together.

Our first kiss as husband and wife 13 years ago today when our marriage journey began.

I tend to get sentimental about these sort of things and wax nostalgic.  I think of where we’ve come in all these years.  I started as a giggling teenage girl walking behind him in high school hoping he’d notice me.  Now I’m definitely older, not nearly as giggly and I’m settled in as a wife and a mother.  We’ve come a long way.  There have been so many ups and downs in our life, but I am thankful and blessed that our relationship has always been an up.  More than my husband, Chris is my best friend.  We are Team Shannon.  During a particularly rough time a few years ago, we developed the motto: “I’d rather be going through hard times with you than good times without you.”  He is my go-to.  He’s the first person with whom I want to talk when I have bad news and when I have good news.

I’m blessed to have more good news with my husband recently.  Our lives forever changed almost three years ago when our daughter was born.  It changed our relationship for the better (though the first few months were the most stressful of any time in our lives!).  It changed us.  That’s just how parenthood is.  For a long time, we were content with our family of three (plus our beloved dog, Buckles).  It was hard to imagine bringing another child into this world.  And it was hard to imagine that another child could be so wonderful as Lexiana.  Deciding to become parents the first time was not a decision was made lightly.  We knew it was a dramatic, life-altering choice.  Deciding whether we wanted to do it again was even harder — after all this time we really understand and know what we’re in for.  We talked.  We prayed.  We talked some more.  We prayed some more.  And then we decided our family wasn’t finished with just one child.

The first look at the new member of our family we're expecting to welcome at the end of January.

And so, on this day that is set aside every year to celebrate the love my husband and I have for one another, I’m happy to share the news that our love is growing and we’ll be welcoming a second child into our family at the end of January!  We’ve come a long way from those young kids walking down the aisle into a new life together.  Some things have turned out just as I thought they would, some things have been harder and some things have been better.  We’ve since created one life and have one more growing.  We couldn’t be more blessed or more thankful for our life and our love.  I am proud of the man my husband has become.  I remember him as a teenager and he was really, truly awesome then.  He has always treated me with the utmost respect and love.  Now I see him as a man and a father.  I see the way he treats my daughter with the utmost respect and love.  I see the way he works hard to support and take care of our family.  And I see the way he looks at our ultrasound photos.  I cannot imagine this life without him by my side.  I cannot imagine a better father for my children.  I am thankful and blessed beyond measure!

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