Life is an adventure

I try to think of life as an adventure when things get a bit tricky.  Sometimes that works for me.  Sometimes it’s a stretch.  This past weekend has been one of those adventurous times.

In the nearly 13 years we’ve been married, we’ve had our fair share of adventures.  In fact, it started within the first 24 hours of our married life.  We headed south to Gatlingburg, Tenn., for our honeymoon.  We were so excited to be married and going out of town together just the two of us that we didn’t give a second thought to filling our gas tank — well, not until the car started puttering right at the Gatlinburg Welcome Center.  We hopped on the free shuttle, made our way to a gas station and were able to get going again.  It was our first of many adventures.

Another adventure was a few years ago before we even had our dog.  A massive ice storm moved through our area and knocked down limbs and trees everywhere.  Most of our city was without electricity in a cold January.  Our electricity didn’t return for a week.  We spent the week camping out in our living room with layers of clothes and blankets and a small propane heater every night.  Our days were spent between my husband’s office, my in-laws’ house and my aunt and uncle’s house because all of those places had electricity.  It was an adventure.

This past weekend we thought would be a quiet one.  We had no plans for Saturday.  Those are the best kind of Saturdays, especially since I was exhausted from spooning with our dog half the night while it thunderstormed and he was scared.  Add in a wake-up in the middle of the night with a brief power outage (do you know how loud beeping battery back-ups are in the middle of the night?), and I was really looking forward to a quiet day.  I decided to bake out some cookies after breakfast before it got too hot.  I got one batch done before we realized that our air conditioner wasn’t working.  Considering we had record-setting heat with highs hovering around 100 continuing in the forecast for the next week (plus wonderful Midwestern humidity), air conditioning is pretty important.  My husband did everything he could think of.  We consulted with my uncle who worked for decades in heating and cooling.  Finally, we realized it wasn’t getting fixed by us any time soon.  We’d have to wait until Monday for the repair technician to come out (we weren’t willing to pay the overtime for a weekend visit).

And so our adventure is continuing.  Our house is hot.  It’s not a fun place to be right now.  In fact, we’ve taken advantage of hospitality of our families.  The kiddo and dog spent a night with my in-laws.  The dog is still there keeping cool with them and his brother.  For now the husband, kiddo and I are camping out at my parents’ house.  While we’ve taken over the guest bed where my daughter usually sleeps, she’s learning about slumber parties.  My brother and sister-in-law let us borrow one of the small pup tents they have for their kiddos.  Lexiana is enjoying her campout in my parents’ computer room.

The repair requires ordering a part that will hopefully be in in time for the repair to be made tomorrow.  With the holiday this week we know otherwise it will be Thursday before it will be fixed.  We have our fingers crossed.  In the meantime, the adventure is continuing and I’m finding once again that I can work and mother on the move.  It’s working out, this adventure of ours.  But, like with most of our adventures, I’m looking forward to resuming life as usual.

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