MDP: Date 6 — Gift certificate date

This month’s date was inspired mostly by the fact that we had a gift certificate to use.  I love gift certificates.  We’d used a restaurant gift certificate a couple of weeks earlier for a lunch date, and I loved that, too, but we didn’t want to repeat the same restaurant.  This one was movie tickets my husband had gotten for his birthday from his employer last month.  However, since he works in another city, they were for a theater that we don’t have where we live.  We decided using those tickets would be our basis for the date.  We didn’t know much of what we’d do other than see the movie and eat.  I decided that maybe we’d keep it that way.  I’m not a super spontaneous person and much prefer to plan things, so going without a solid plan other than what movie we’d see when was a bit different for me.  And that was OK.

So on Saturday, we piled into the car just the two of us and headed south for our date.  It’s about an hour’s drive to the other city (my poor husband makes the drive regularly for work).  We stopped at a gas station near the interstate and picked up a couple of snacks.  I was hoping for a cherry Icee, but the cherry flavor wasn’t working.  Boo hiss!

We headed on down the interstate with our snacks.  My husband had something to drop off in his office, so we had to head to his office first.  Super romantic, I know.  But, hey, we’re also practical.  After taking care of that, we had a couple of hours until the movie and needed to decide what to do. We decided to hit up the half price book store we like so well.  After crazy traffic thanks to construction we made it.  I found a couple of books for the kiddo.

Our yummy food at Tijuana Flats.

By the time we’d done all that, time had passed enough that we had about an hour and a half until the movie, still had to drive over to the theater and were hungry.  We debated about where to eat then settled on a Mexican place Chris had been to for a work lunch that was right near the movie theater.  Tijuana Flats made me happy.  I love Mexican food.  And I love trying new places like that to eat.  I got the fajita tacos, which were soooooo good.  The only bummer is that they were  a special and not regularly on the menu, so I have no clue what I’ll get when we go back.  But, it was worth it.  Like I said, they were so good.  Chris didn’t lead me astray.

We finished just in time to head to the movie and get in about 15 minutes early, which was perfect timing.  We enjoyed “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.”  By the time it was over, it was time to drive all the way back home to get back with just a bit of time to spare before it was the kiddo’s bedtime.

My husband sort of humoring me to take his photo. Poor guy was patient for me to take food photos for this blog even though he was hungry. Here, he was about out of patience! 🙂

It was a good date.  It was even better because our main entertainment was free — and I really like free.  I almost hated that we ended up seeing a showing at a matinee price since the tickets would have covered a full price movie, but timing wouldn’t have worked to go later and still drive an hour home to be back for the kiddo’s bed time.  And while the drive isn’t a favorite for my husband because he does it so much, it’s kind of nice to do together.  We sometimes struggle to have conversations without interruptions thanks to being the parents of toddlers.  Having that long in the car together gave us a good chance to just chat.  We didn’t have any major serious discussions, but just regular conversation that was really nice and enjoyable.  I’d call that a success!

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