15 lessons from an office

I recently spent a few hours working from my husband’s office.  It’s been a while since I’ve worked in an environment outside of my own home.  There was no dog sleeping nearby or demanding to go outside.  There was no baby monitor crackling on the desk.  There was no toddler roaming nearby.  It was just adults working at whatever they do in an IT consultant firm.  Heck if I know.  But, I realized a few things.

1. Not being able to get online (as I thought I would) greatly limits my ability to work.

2. However, not being online to research for an article affords me ample time to write quite a few blog posts ahead.

3. Trying to eat the pretzels I brought in a snack bag for a morning snack in a quiet manner so as not to disturb anyone else is a challenge.

4. There’s enough chitter-chatter to cover my pretzel crunching.

5. For some reason, a random bell hangs on the wall in my husband’s office.  While I was highly curious about this, I managed to keep my curiosity quiet and to myself.

Me working in my office with some help from one of my co-workers a few years ago.

6. I feel a bit out of sorts.  Even before I was a mom, I worked from home for years.  It’s been nearly a decade since I’ve worked in an office environment regularly.  (Dang, I sound old!)  It’s weird to have to remember to behave by not talking to myself out loud, leaving my shoes on and not sitting all crazy contorted.  (Though when most of the office was at lunch, I kicked off my sandals and sat cross-legged in the chair.  You can take a girl out of the home office, but you can’t take the home office out of a girl — or something like that!)

7. I should always bring something to read when doing these things just in case I don’t have an Internet connection to do the article research I need to do. I fully meant to and I completely forgot.  At least I remembered the snack.

8. I can still tune out other people.  It was a quiet office, but there were still people talking.  For the most part, I didn’t pay any attention to them or notice them.  I’m good at tuning out others, I guess.  This could come from my years of hard-core training as the wife of a video gamer.  I’ve finished many books and taken many naps in spite of the video game noise blaring from our television.  I should be thanking my husband for this gift.

9. My wardrobe may need some updating.  I thought my capris were fine until I realized they are a few years old and no one else is wearing this color of denim any more.  My sandals that were new last summer looked fine to me until I noticed they look a bit dirty and worn now that I was looking at them with an outside eye.

10. Painting my fingernails that were chipped just in case someone noticed was pointless.  No one even saw my fingernails.  I thought about pointing them out to people who randomly walked by then thought better of it.  I tried not to embarrass my husband.

11. Adults don’t talk as much as my toddler.  Really.  She talks incessantly.  I didn’t hear or meet anyone in the office who talked nonstop.

12. Just like with the bell, it is hard to quench my curiosity.  I wanted to ask other people what they were doing or why they had certain décor in their cubicles.  But, I’m too quiet and reserved to do that.  So, instead I made up my own stories in my head.  I think they were more interesting anyway.

13. A change of scenery is nice.  Even though my game plan changed a bit to work on more blog posts rather than article research (or fun Internet stuff), a change of scenery in which to do these things is sometimes nice.

14. My husband is cute and smart.  While he went into a couple of meetings and did some work, I mostly in a corner at an unused desk.  It was fun to see him again in a professional environment.  And I had some chances to really look at him and see him for who he is.  I love what I see!

15. Getting a snack out of the vending machine brought me great joy.  I realized it’d been years since I got a vending machine snack.  It thrilled me.  Watching the drink vending machine dispense my husband’s beverage was even more exciting because I’d not seen that kind of vending machine before.  It’s the little things in life, really.

Bonus: I really do have a loud sneeze.  When most of the office was at lunch and I sneezed, someone across the way still heard me and piped up with a “Gesundheit.”  I quietly mumbled “Thank you.”  (Insert embarrassed face here!)

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