Living the dream

One evening last week, my husband and I were doing something we rarely do: we were sitting in our backyard in lawn chairs.  We have a privacy-fenced backyard in a quiet neighborhood.  We even have a covered patio, but we don’t just sit and enjoy the backyard very often.  That’s especially true these days with our kiddo.  We may go out there to play, but not usually to just relax.  However, my husband had a phone call he was on after we got the kiddo in bed, so he pulled his lawn chair into the yard and sat.  I joined him later and tossed the ball for the dog a few times.

The view from my lawn chair

As he was talking on the phone, I mostly just leaned back and relax.  It had been a sort of long day thanks to a migraine that hit in the afternoon.  I was just starting to feel better.  I noticed a plane cruising up high overhead.  We often see small planes lower in the sky because we aren’t too far from a municipal airport, but this was clearly a bigger plane full of passengers going somewhere east.

While I watched the plane seem to lazily make its way through the sky, I realized that I didn’t want to be on it.  I’ve always been pretty happy in my life, but many times in the past, I’ve watched planes overhead and wondered where the people were going and thought it would be nice to be going somewhere, too.  I’ve never had a deep sense of wanderlust.  In fact, I’ve lived in the same city my entire life – even went to college here.  I’ve lived in different parts of the city, but it’s still the same one.  Since it’s a mid-sized city and not near being large, then it’s not all that different based on where in the city I’ve lived.

I like to travel.  I like to see new places, but I realized last week that right now I’m am completely content where I am.  I sat in my backyard in my nightgown with one of my husband’s hoodies over it (it was a bit chilly).  I looked around at the adorable pooch wandering around making sure no squirrels infiltrated our yard.  I gazed at my husband sitting in what we call his Hulk shorts (they were pajama pants he cut off to make into shorts) and T-Shirt.  I looked toward the window of the bedroom where our daughter was tucked snugly into bed.  And I was just content.  I didn’t want to be going on adventure.  I didn’t want to be headed off somewhere on a plane.  I wanted to be just where I was.

It was a good feeling.  I thanked God for my life.  It’s not perfect.  There are bumps and struggles along the way.  There are hard times mixed in with the good, but overall, it’s a really good life filled with lots of blessings and lots of love.  It may not be everyone’s dream life, but it’s mine and I’m thankful to be living it.

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