MDP: Date 5 — Vacation date

Like most other months, squeezing in a Marriage Dating Project Date this month was a bit of a challenge.  Not only was it a busy month with both mine and my husband’s birthday at the beginning of the month, it also had Mother’s Day and our weeklong (plus two weekends) vacation.  Add in travel plans for our parents, who are our babysitters, and it got to be quite the juggling act.  This month’s date wasn’t planned for a couple of weeks like the last one.  Instead, it was sort of unexpected.  But, that didn’t make it any less fun.

Over our vacation, my parents joined us for our final two days.  On Thursday, we went out on the boat, did some riding around and some fishing.  By Thursday evening, my daughter was a bit pink and splotchy.  I thought it might have been from the sunscreen. But Friday morning, she was up early, a bit cranky and was covered in sun poisoning, just like her mama got so badly as a child (and still gets sometimes).  We had wanted to go to the floating restaurant at the dock for lunch on Friday.  We thought it would be fun.  But the kiddo wasn’t all that enthused about doing much without whining.  My parents offered instead to feed her lunch and get her down for her nap so we could go on our own.

This is the kind of view we had from the restaurant. This photo was taken earlier in the week during an evening visit to the dock to feed the ducks and throw rocks into the water. But, you can see how it'd be beautiful morning, afternoon or evening and make for a great date location.

And thus was born our fifth Marriage Dating Project Date.  We headed down to the dock restaurant.  It was a hot day and sunny.  But, it was beautiful.  We were seated at a corner table overlooking the dock and the water.  It was nice to have time to reconnect while we were relaxing on vacation.  We ordered an appetizer of nachos (super yummy!).  The platter was so large we could have easily shared it between the two of us for our entire lunch.

The service was kind of slow.  The server explained she was new.  We didn’t mind all that much since we didn’t have a toddler with whom to contend.  We chatted about how our vacation was going.  We chatted about things we wanted to do when we got home.  We chatted about the scenery.  We laughed about some of our favorite vacation moments.  We chatted about child-rearing issues.  It was nice to sit and talk uninterrupted.  We ate our entrees.  I wish I’d have gone with the hamburger I’d had before instead of trying the Philly cheesesteak sandwich, but that was OK.

We decided to get a scoop of ice-cream.  Before we had Lexiana, we’d often go to the dock in the evenings, eat ice-cream and watch the sun set.  We hadn’t done that on this trip because sunset coincided with the kiddo’s bed time.  Plus, toddlers aren’t so into just sitting in peace watching the sun set.  And our toddler isn’t even that into ice-cream (weird, I know).  We were able to get the ice-cream at our table so we sat inside in the air conditioning rather than in the afternoon sun outside.  It was nice — very nice.

Our date continued with perusing the dock store.  We didn’t find anything of interest there, but it was still fun to look.  We’d not had a chance to earlier in the week because we had our dog with us every other time we were there.

The date ended with a shopping trip to the dollar store to pick up a long-sleeved shirt for the kiddo, just in case she’d need it to cover her arms and keep her sun poisoning from getting worse, then a trip to the local pharmacy for children’s Benadryl.  It wasn’t the most exciting date.  It wasn’t the most unique date, but it was a good date.  We had beautiful scenery that we don’t get where we live.  We had good company.  We had pretty good food.  It worked out well!

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