Lysol Dual Action Wipes rock!

I don’t like cleaning all that much.  But, I do like products that work well, and I like to save money.  For a few years now I’ve been using bleach or disinfectant wipes.  For probably the last three years I’ve been using store brands of these wipes.  But then I got a rebate coupon a couple of months ago to try Lysol Dual Action Wipes for free.  It was in the Sunday paper.  I figured I’d go for it and saved my receipt and mailed it in and all that jazz.  I didn’t even need the wipes at that time.  I stuck the container on my storage shelf in the garage until my other cleaning wipes were empty.  When I pulled them out a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t think much about them — until I used them!  Holy cow!  I fell in love.  I know that sounds dramatic.  I know that sounds like a commercial, but I really like these wipes (no, I’m in no way sponsored by Lysol!).

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The difference with these wipes is that one side is textured for extra scrubbing power.  I first noticed it when I was swiping down our old refrigerator (before we knew it had actually gone out).  Months ago I had some watermelon juice leak into a cardboard package of stick margarine.  Part of the cardboard package stuck to the shelf of the fridge.  I’d gotten most of it off, but there was one stubborn spot that seemed to be stuck on the shelf for good, so I lived with it.  As I was cleaning the shelves with these wipes, I went over that spot once with these wipes and it came right off.  I didn’t even scrub hard.  That got my attention.

Then a week later when our new fridge was delivered, I was left with a dusty, messy floor beneath it.  If I weren’t so embarrassed, I’d have taken a before and after photo to show you (and if I hadn’t been in a hurry to get it cleaned and be off of my hands and knees scrubbing before the refrigerator deliverymen returned with the new fridge!).  I cleaned it decently with a washcloth, but even with elbow grease, the dirt wasn’t coming off.  I grabbed my Lysol Dual Action wipes and it came right up.  Seriously.

They’re not a magic cleaning product.  A magic cleaning product to me is one that would clean on its own with  no effort on my part.  But, they are pretty darn awesome.  I like that they are abrasive enough to get grime and sticky stuff up while still being gentle enough to not leave scratch marks or anything.  I like them better than scouring pads or other such products because they are disposable and don’t flake apart or hold germs.

I’m a total germaphobe and like the germ reducing properties of Lysol products and those like them.  I like the convenience of a wipe.  Yes, I still have to use other cleaning products for deeper cleans, but the wipes are pretty darn awesome.  I have to say I will definitely buy the Lysol Dual Action wipes again over the store brand or plain ones (even if it means spending an extra dollar or two).  It may be a bit lame that they made me so excited.  It may be a reflection of my life these days, but that’s OK.  I’m still excited about them!

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