If it isn’t one thing…

…it’s another.  This is the phrase that was going through my mind yesterday morning.  The last week has been one of those times where it just seems like one thing on top of another on top of another — you get the point.  Thankfully nothing has been particularly earth-shattering or devastating, but it’s been a bunch of little stuff that adds up together and starts to get under your skin.

Like the fact that our refrigerator died and we’ve been using a cooler in the kitchen since last Monday (as in April 30).  Like the fact that the new fridge was on back order until May 15.  Like the fact that a possum has taken up residence in our backyard and stares me down every day at 6 a.m. when I stand at the back door about to let our dog out.  Like the fact that we got a large and unexpected medical bill the day before we paid for our new refrigerator.  Like the fact that I’m scrambling around this week to get a huge list of things done each day in preparation for having next week off.  Like the fact that I went to one pharmacy for a medicine only to find it was across town at another instead, even though I’d called earlier in the day to be sure of where it was.  Like the fact I was excited for a steak dinner and ended up with a fatty steak I couldn’t even chew (but, I at least had good company and didn’t have to pay for the dinner).

Nothing horrible.  Nothing life threatening.  But a whole lot of annoyance.  After yesterday morning’s face-off with the aforementioned possum and another trip out front in my pajamas with my dog on his leash to do his business, that old phrase was running through my mind: “If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.”  And I came very, very close to skipping my morning devotion time. After all, I’d had enough of the day already.  I decided that wasn’t a good excuse.  I also reminded myself that when I most feel like skipping my devotion time is usually when I need it most.  So, I slightly begrudgingly plopped down on my dining room couch and picked up my Bible and devotion books.

These are the times that I debate whether God has a sense of humor or is just showing me His great compassion.  He showed up.  He was right there yesterday morning during my devotion time when I was grumpy and tired of all the little things.  He knew exactly what I needed.  The day’s devotion was about being safe in storms.  The author, Dennis Apple, wrote about how his 18-year-old son had died unexpectedly in his sleep in 1991.  Talk about a storm.  It gave me some perspective.  Yes, I have had lots of little crazies lately, but nothing as bad as what Apple faced.  At the same time, it reminded me the same God who helped him and his wife through that hard time is still the same God today who helps me through even the small stuff.  My eyes misted over as I read the final paragraph:

“So, if you find yourself in a bad storm today, and you cannot seem to make it to your destination, let go of the oars and look to the One who still says, ‘Don’t be afraid.'”  — Dennis Apple, “Reflecting God, Spring 2012”

My storms right now are small.  They are really barely sprinkles in the midst of life.  I’ve been in stronger storms where I had to batten down the hatches and take cover.  There have been really hard times.  It makes small annoyances seem much easier to deal with.  God reminded me that He cares whether it’s proverbially sunny, rainy, stormy or somewhere in between.

And He doesn’t forget us.  We were ready to wait for our back-ordered-until-May-15 new refrigerator and deal with using a cooler.  Then we found out Sunday evening the new one will actually be delivered today.  Sure, it may be the manufacturer, but I think it’s a God thing!  He’s helping me weather even the sprinkles of life.  Thank You, Jesus!

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