A good weekend

I had a really good weekend.  And this is in spite of the fact that my dog wallowed in duck poop, my child had a couple of small meltdowns, random electronics around our house are acting wonky, the dog’s leash broke and I got a really bad paper cut.  I didn’t say it was a perfect weekend, but it was really good.

I’ve been thinking a bit about attitude this weekend.  Yes, we had some craziness happen, but that’s life.  Find me a person who says his or her life is perfect and I will show you a person who is either a liar or delusional.  Nobody gets absolutely perfect.   We do get to choose our attitude, though.

The kiddo and I eating our dinner before heading outside to watch the St. Patrick's Day parade. This was also her first time sitting in a big girl chair at a restaurant. She did a great job!

For example, it’s technically still winter, but around here it feels much more like late spring.  We’ve had highs around 80 for nearly a week now.  As I type this early in the morning, I already have one window open and plan to open some more because it’s warm.  It’s crazy to be this warm this long this time of year in Indiana.  So everyone is talking about it.  Some folks are just plain enjoying it.  I’d like to think my family fits into that category.  We spent the weekend driving around with the top down in the Jeep, sitting comfortable outside in short sleeves at a St. Patrick’s Day parade, cooking out hamburgers and hot dogs and having a picnic by a lake.  It was fun.  It was lots of outside stuff.  And it was great!

Other folks, however, are unable to enjoy the nice weather because they are speculating the price we will pay for this nice weather.  I’ve heard one person insist cold weather will come blaring back.  (While it may get cooler, I’ve NEVER seen a snow storm in the end of March around here.  There are firsts for everything, I suppose.)  And another is pretty sure summer temperatures will be unbearably warm.  (That’s a good possibility, too.)

My husband and kiddo before we had our picnic.

The thing about weather, just like much of life, is that we have no control over it.  Whether I sat in my house and moaned about how this good weather was just a harbinger of bad to come or got out in my capris and sandals and enjoyed it, the weather is going to do its own thing.  It doesn’t stop and check in with how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking.  It just does what it does.  I can go with it.  I can enjoy it or I can be miserable.  I chose to enjoy it.

Do I always have a good attitude?  Heck, no.  I try.  I work on keeping myself in check.  I have definitely had times where I couldn’t see any positives in situations.  They were dark times.  They were hard times.  And, in the end, they made me appreciate the good times even more.  Even when those good times have their own challenges — like washing duck poop out of my dog’s fur on a Sunday evening.

While I’m sure I’ll remember that, I’ll remember more the good parts of the weekend.  I’ll remember how excited the kiddo was to eat green cupcakes.  I’ll remember my daughter’s expression when she was riding in the back of the Jeep and enjoying the warm breeze on her face.  I’ll remember her unabashed excitement as she watched the St. Patrick’s Day parade, collected candy and befriended another little girl.  I’ll remember my husband taking time to dance with her during our house cleaning session so she’d not feel excluded.  I’ll remember when we told her we were going on an actual picnic and she burst out singing the song from her favorite book, “Mickey Mouse’s Picnic.”

“What a beautiful day for a picnic,
What a picnical day for a lark!
We will frolic all day in the happiest way,
And we won’t get back home until dark!”

The kiddo flying a kite for the first time. She talked to Cinderella on her kite like she was a friend. And my husband was kind enough to fly a Cinderella kite and hang onto it even when the kiddo and I weren't standing right there with him. He's a good dad!

I’ll remember how excited she was to see ducks swimming in the lake.  I’ll remember sitting with her, my husband and our dog on a blanket (a bit too near to duck poop) eating sandwiches, pretzels, a banana and Nutter Butters and drinking in the beauty of nature and our little family.  I’ll remember her watching her dad get a Cinderella kite high in the sky for her.  I’ll remember her being excited to run over to a picnic table to sit at then the dog jumping up and sitting on top of the same table for a better vantage point to watch everything.  I’ll remember how tired they both were when they got home.  After baths for both of them, they zonked out and my husband and I finished the weekend hanging out together, looking at some photos we’d taken and just enjoying one another’s company.

Of course the weekend had challenges.  Of course it wasn’t perfect.  But, there was too much good in it to dwell on the negative.  Our good weather may come to an end soon.  We may have a freak end-of-March snowstorm.  If that’s the price we’ll pay for a great weekend of family fun, then I am fine just fine with it.

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