Confessions — Round 4

I’ve not done a round of my own confessions since September.  And since I’m running late with today’s blog post and short on time, I decided today might be good for my confessions.  I’m telling you, it’s therapeutic.  Share some of your own, please, so I don’t feel so alone!

I confess that I’m loving our almost 80-degree weather in the middle of March, but it’s also stressing me out to figure out what my daughter can wear that will fit and not make her too hot.  The kid was wearing 2T last summer.  This summer, it looks like she’s going to be in 4T, so it’s quite a difference.

I confess that as soon as I get done with this post I’m going to continue working on compiling my tax information for 2011 (unless I get some calls for interviews, in which case my plans will change).

I confess that I got two paper cuts on my fingers yesterday while working on the tax paperwork even though I was only able to spend about an hour doing so.

I confess that I wish I were working outside right now.  Or napping.  Mostly napping.

I confess that my child finally went to sleep during nap time and that alleviates some of my stress for getting things done this afternoon.  And that encourages me this evening will go better since she was up an hour earlier than usual today (which is, in part, why I’m later than usual posting).

I confess that I kind of wish I was cleaning my house right now.  What the heck?  I hate cleaning, but this warm weather makes me want to organize and purge.  But, alas, it’s work time.

I confess that I’m working on an article relating to the bladder issue I have, interstitial cystitis, and I’m quite into it.  It’s the first one I’ve done in a while that requires me to talk with urologists as well as patients.  And it’s reminding me there are great doctors throughout the country working on this disease.  That gives me hope.

I confess that I have another article due in a week and a half and for the life of me I can’t remember its topic right now.  But, I will.

I confess that I was really glad there was another child and mom at library story time this morning.  Last week we were the only ones, which was OK, but I much prefer for others to be there, too.

I confess that I’ve eaten two cookies today: one a chocolate chip Soft Batch cookie and the other a double chocolate Milano cookie.

I confess that I’m wearing yoga pants right now. (I’m thinking this may be less and less of a confession since I’m pretty sure I admit to comfy clothes every time I do confessions!)

I confess that I’m secretly hoping my husband thinks it’s too warm outside to use the stove or oven tonight and we can just get food from somewhere even though that’s not good for our waistlines or our budget.

I confess that I’m also secretly hoping that said husband will have put the top down on his Jeep and we can go for our first topless ride of the season.

I confess that I’m not going to get my mail right now because it will make my dog wake up from his nap which could lead to him seeing something to bark at which could lead to my daughter waking up from her nap which I so very need for her to take for her own good and mine, too.  I texted my husband and asked him to get it instead.  🙂

I confess that I’m not sure how I feel about putting an emoticon into a blog post.

I confess that my phone’s ringtone and text alert sounding like the Super Mario Brothers soundtrack is awesome, except when I’m on a business call on the land line and it goes off.  I swear I’m not playing games while working at home!

I confess that I didn’t give my daughter a vegetable at lunch. She’s not great at eating veggies, so I’ve been trying to work on that.  I even remembered the carrots in the fridge but was too lazy to get them out.  I did give her fruit, though!

I confess that I cut my sandwiches into four triangles today just like I do my daughter’s without thinking.  I didn’t notice until I took my first bite.  But, it was kind of fun to eat those four triangles.  It reminded me of showers and parties of my childhood when we’d sit and make tiny sandwiches for people to snack on.

I confess that same sandwich I ate for lunch had mayonnaise in it, which wasn’t a good plan for my bladder.  I know better.

I confess that if someone brought me a caffeine-free Diet Coke with cherry syrup in it right now I’d kiss him or her.

What are some of your confessions today?  Share, share, share!

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