A clash of style

I am not a home interior kind of woman.  Some women are.  Some women have a knack for taking a house and making it into a home that’s all coordinated in a matter of hours.  I respect those women, but I don’t relate to them.  Mostly, I just don’t really care about that stuff.  I often say that our house looks sort of like a glorified bachelor pad.  Much to our families’ dismay, we have my husband’s large desk in one corner of our living room.  We have only a few pictures hung throughout the house.  Some rooms have nothing on the walls, like our bedroom, spare bedroom and bathrooms.  It just doesn’t bother me. I’m functional.  I’m comfortable.

The kiddo checking out her new valances when I hung them a couple of weeks ago.

But, my daughter’s room is where that all stops.  I want her room to be coordinated and decorated.  She has wall decorations.  She has an entire design scheme.  When she was born, it revolved around light pink and jungle animals.  Now it now revolves around hot pink, black, white and Minnie Mouse.  The kid is a big Mickey and Minnie fan.  It was inspired by the Minnie Mouse comforter I found for her at Walmart, of all places.  I even found perfect matching hot pink beaded valances and a black storage cubby with some hot pink cloth bins.  I’ve hit up my mom, mom friends, husband and sister-in-law for room decor ideas.  It’s going well.

And, of course, to go with that comforter, I have a the matching set of hot pink, black and white Minnie Mouse sheets.  However, I didn’t have any more twin-sized sheets.  I decided as we were shopping to give her options.  I was pulling for something that was sort of in our color palette (see, I even know the right words!).  I showed her Disney Princesses and Hello Kitty.  I was really hoping for Hello Kitty because the sheets were hot pink. She looked right past me and told me she wanted Dora sheets.  Dora?!  The Dora comforter was pink, but the sheets were yellow and blue with just a trace of pink.  That didn’t fit the plan at all.

“But, look at these Hello Kitty sheets,” I protested.  I tried to point out some of their great features.  And she likes Hello Kitty enough.  We have some stickers and a couple of figurines.

“I want Dora,” she said.

OK.  We were on to plan B.   I told her we’d think about it and look some other places first.  After all, she’d be sure to forget.  She’s not a huge Dora fan.  She doesn’t even know that Dora is on television.  She just knows her from stickers, books and a backpack.  I figured that as time passed, she wouldn’t remember the Dora sheets.  I was wrong.

We were at Target a week or so later.  We perused the kids’ sheet aisle.  I pointed out some Winnie the Pooh sheets that were pink.  She likes Pooh.  We have a few books and even let her watch the Pooh movie a few weeks back.  Heck, I had a cute Winnie the Pooh clearance sale shirt in the cart for her.  She would have none of it.  “I need the Dora sheets,” was her response.

So, earlier this week when we went to Walmart for groceries, we took a turn down the bedding aisle.  My daughter knew immediately why we were there and started talking about the Dora sheets.  I again showed her the Hello Kitty with hot pink (plus they were $5 cheaper).  And again she informed me she needed Dora.  Dora went into our cart.

She could hardly wait until I had the sheets on her bed to try them.

Her excitement over these sheets has been cute — and a bit contagious.  She could barely wait for me to get them washed and dried.  Yesterday morning I was working on laundry and she asked if her Dora sheets were finished.  I told her they were and that we’d go put them on her bed right then.  She hopped excitedly around the room and “helped” me put them on.  She chatted about her new Dora bed.  In fact, she was so enthused that when it was nap time a couple of hours later, she had trouble falling asleep.  She was incredibly excited.

They don’t match.   They don’t fit the color palette or design scheme in any way.  But, they make my kiddo happy.  She’s sort of defeating my plans for coordination in her room.  I find it funny that the one time and the one thing that I actually try to coordinate in this house hasn’t totally happened.

At the same time, I respect that she had her opinion and held fast to it.  I also realize this is the first of many style disagreements that are sure to come.  I know I had some with my mom.  This time around, she totally wins.  While I wasn’t crazy about the yellow and blue messing with our design, it all flew out the window when I saw how very happy these sheets made her.  Nothing makes me happier than to see her happy.  The sheets may not be a perfect match to her room, but they are a perfect match to her and that’s all that matters.

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