Krave cereal makes me drool

I was perusing the cereal aisle last week looking for my go-to cereal (Raisin Nut Bran from General Mills, which doesn’t have a good Web site) and thinking about trying something new.  My husband spotted it first and pointed it out to me: a new chocolate cereal from Kellogg’s called Krave.  There was one version with a vanilla type of outer shell and chocolate inside and another with a chocolate outside and inside.  Shut up!  After a quick glance at the nutrition information (it’s not too bad), the double chocolate box went into our cart.

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Holy moly! it’s some good cereal!  I love chocolate.  I love milk.  The combination of the two together is my absolute favorite.  A few years ago, I was a big fan of Oreo-Os cereal from Post.  I wished I’d have known it was going to go out of production before it did and I would have bought a case.  Maybe two.  I still think about it every so often.  Memories.  We were so happy together…

And now there is Krave.  Part of me wishes that I wouldn’t have tried it.  It’s not unhealthy, per se, but it’s not as healthy as other cereal options.  But, dang, it is so good.  Somehow the outer shell stays crunchy, but not the kind of crunchy like Captain Crunch that feels like it’s cutting the roof of your mouth.  Just crunchy goodness.  And the inside is a melty sort of chocolate that reminds me a lot of my favorite Milano cookies that I told you about.

I would like to tell you that I eat it only for a snack, but I don’t.  These last few days, I have eaten it as my breakfast.  And I’ve loved every single bite.  I’m plotting my next trip to the grocery store to coincide with my box turning up empty.  I don’t especially want to run out even though I have two other boxes of cereal right now as well.

The other thing that I like about getting my chocolate fix from a cereal instead of candy, cake or cookies is that it’s lower fat.  The sugar isn’t the best, but the fat and calories at least are much better.  So, even though I’m definitely not declaring it bona fide health food, I am saying that it still fits in with my goal to shed some pounds and get healthier.  And it makes me feel like I’m having a decadent chocolate treat without totally breaking the calorie and fat content bank.

I tried going for Special K Chocolatey Delight a few months ago on the recommendation of a friend.  I ate one bowl, maybe two.  Then I ended up throwing the box away.  It wasn’t that great.  And it certainly wasn’t as chocolatey as Krave.

If you like chocolate and you halfway like cereal, you’ve totally got to try Krave.  I LOVE the double chocolate, but if you’re a little less into chocolate, go for the single chocolate.  Your taste buds will thank you!

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