The Marriage Dating Project

My husband and I (mainly me) have decided to start a marriage dating project this year, and being the blogger that I am, I’ve decided that you all need to know about it.  I asked his permission first.  And I explained the premise.  So, here we are.

To start with, Chris and I have been married for just over 12 years.  We’ve been together for 17.  (And, yes, that makes me feel old!)  He asked me to be his girlfriend on my 15th birthday, and I haven’t stopped since.  (You can find our love story here.)  In that time, we’ve been on lots of dates, starting with our first one where we ate at McDonald’s with my parents and then they drove me to the movie theater while Chris followed in his car.  I wasn’t old enough to car date.

Our dates have changed since then.  Now I am most definitely allowed to ride in the car with him since my name joins his on the titles.  We have this whole life together that we’ve built.  We have a relationship that has weathered many storms and been the one constant that keeps us sane.  I can’t imagine my life without him.

And we’ve also faced our biggest challenge to dating: becoming parents.  It was easier to date when we were broke than now that we have a kiddo.  And that’s OK, but I also know we have to place value on our relationship and our marriage.  We need time together to talk uninterrupted and have real conversations.  We need time together to relax.  We need time together to have fun.  We need dates.

After a particularly stressful day, I was thinking about this.  Then a friend of mine wrote a blog post with her New Years resolutions, including one to date her husband this year.  I thought that was a pretty good plan.  Chris and I are intentional about going on dates.  Usually once a week we let Lexiana have some grandparent time and go to dinner.  We might see a movie. We might run errands.  We might play games.  And it’s all good.

But, I think spicing up the mix is sometimes in order.  I love our dates now.  I don’t want to change them, however, I think starting a marriage dating project where we do something different once a month for our dates would be fun and interesting.  I hope that we’ll find new things we like to do.  And I know we’ll probably try some things we might not like.  No matter what, though, we’ll be spending time together, learning more about each other (if that’s even possible after all this time!) and growing closer (again, if that’s even possible).

My husband is a priority.  He comes second after God and a notch above my child.  The best gift we can give her is a solid home life and foundation with both of her parents in love with one another.  I’m a better me because of being my husband’s wife.  I’m a better mom because of being his wife.  I want to make sure I never take our relationship for granted.  I want to make sure that we continue to have fun with one another, do new things together and be best friends.  I think this marriage dating project will do that.

I’m not sure what our dates will bring this year.  I’m scouring the Internet for some ideas as well as brainstorming my own.  I’m also open to suggestions.  What I will tell you is that none of them will be super expensive.  That’s not our style.  We’re pretty low-key, down-to-earth kind of people.  I plan to have some fun and share some ideas with you along the way.  I’ll keep you updated.  The project is underway; Chris is in charge of planning January’s new date this coming weekend.  I’m trying my best to be patient even though I’m dying to know what he’s thinking and planning.  I know it will be good since it will be with him.  I’m looking forward to new experiences with my favorite husband!

What are some of your favorite dates and/or suggestions for us?  And, even better, do you and your spouse want to join us this year?  Keep us posted on how YOU’RE doing!

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