Cookie decorating fun

My cookie making week wrapped itself up yesterday with a cookie decorating party last night.  We invited over the kiddo’s grandparents.  I set them all up with wax paper work areas, bowls of various colored icing, lots of sprinkles, mini M&Ms and icing tubes.  We set to work.  I figured it’d take a couple of hours at least.  We wrapped it up within about an hour and then enjoyed some pizza.  This was Lexiana’s first experience with decorating cookies.  She had a great time once she figured it out.  And we got lots of great photos (thanks in large part to my father who declared himself photographer instead of decorator).  For that reason, I share with you a photo post today for a peek at our decorating fun.  I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

In her very first attempt at adding sprinkles, the kiddo smashed the top into the freshly iced cookie. I ended up having to take the top off and to the sink to rinse. I thought the opened sprinkle container was out of her reach...

...and it was not. We now have a blue snowman with LOTS of pink sprinkles.

Nana and Lolly had fun decorating cookies, too.

Yep, my dad cropped off the top of my head. He realized it and retook it, but it was right as I was talking to the kiddo to explain that more cookies were on their way to her to be sprinkled.

She mostly put on sprinkles, but the kiddo tried her hand at icing as well.

Time for a sample!

Oh snap! This cookie was decorated with mini M&Ms. She couldn't resist licking them off! (And, no, I did not put this cookie on the tray with the others to serve!)

We used lots of different colored icing -- as you can see on my daughter's mouth! (Despite what this looks like, she really didn't eat all that much.)

The finished products. They are colorful. They aren't professional. But, they are full of love and laughter. The cookie decorating party was a success!

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