A few of my favorite things

Beyond raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, Christmastime brings with it some of my favorite things.

I love sitting in the living in the dark of the morning with only the twinkling Christmas tree lights on to help me see.

I love snuggling under a blanket and watching Christmas movies.  I love them even more when I share them with my husband or daughter.

I love figuring out what to bake for the season.  I’m trying some new recipes this year and am so excited I’m ready to start baking today!  I’ve long been in charge of Christmas cookies for our families and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love eating the cookies that I bake.  Well, most of them.  I’m not a huge fan of the toffee chip, but the chocolate chip are my favorite.  I save them for baking last to avoid eating too many!

My kiddo being silly atop a box of Christmas decorations before helping us fill our tree with memorable ornaments.

I love putting ornaments on the Christmas tree.  My tree holds so many memories.  I have ornaments from childhood and ornaments from last year.  And everything in between.

I love hanging my wreath on the door.  It sort of obstructs my peephole, but my sister-in-law made me this wreath a few years ago.  She decorated it with beautiful purple ribbons and ornaments and gold stars, because she knows purple is my favorite color.  I love it!

I love spending time with my extended family.  We see them off and on throughout the year, but seldom do we all get together aside from the holidays.  The food is good; the company is better.

I love finding gifts for people — most of the time.  It can sometimes be stressful, but mostly I enjoy finding things the people I love will love, too.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that I enjoy to give more than receive.  It’s fun to watch folks open their gifts.

I love Christmas music.  I’d start listening to it in July if I could get away with it.  Back when I was writing Christmas plays, sometimes I did start listening that early. I had to get in the Christmas frame of mind, after all.  And I always start every season with “The Season of Love” CD from 4Him.

Sitting together watching Rudolph.

I love Christmas movies.  We watched the 1964 version of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” with my daughter two weekends ago.  Last night we watched Veggie Tales’, “The Toy Who Saved Christmas.”  They were much more fun than any other time I’ve ever watched them.

I love the Christmas story — the real one.  Every Christmas I am reminded anew of God’s love.  I am reminded of His sacrifice in sending His Son for us, though we don’t deserve it.  And now as  parent, I understand that sacrifice more than ever before.  What love!

I love Christmas lights.  Multi-colored lights are my favorite.  Purple lights are excellent.  I’ll take white, too, though.  I’ve always loved the twinkle and glitter and sparkle of them.  This year, I’m sharing that love with a 2-year-old.  She’s even more excited for Christmas lights than I am.  It’s beyond magical!

I love Christmas socks.  I have a thing for fun socks.  Christmas socks are my all-time favorite, though.  I get them out at the beginning of December and wear them throughout the month.  I think I have about seven or eight pairs at last count.

I love Christmas cards.  I enjoy writing out the ones that I send, and I enjoy reading the ones that I receive.  If they include photos or a letter all the better!

I love Christmas pajamas.  Each year for about as long as I can remember, I have gotten new pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve.  I found this year’s pair at Target on sale with a coupon.  I love that even more.  And I’ve gotten my daughter a new pair of PJs to wear as well.  They don’t have to be Christmas themed (and seldom are), but they do have to be new.

I love mistletoe.  Hanging mistletoe was something I never did as a child, but after we got married, we had this plastic mistletoe we’d hang and we still do.  It’s in our doorway between the living room and kitchen.  Sometimes I just stand there until I get a smooch from my husband or daughter.  Sometimes I use it as an excuse to love on the dog.  Yeah, it’s fun to me.

And, new this year, I love how my daughter loves Christmas.  I’ve never been that into Santa (or at least in my memory).  But, she is incredibly into him.  She gets as excited to see him as she does Mickey Mouse, and that is saying a lot.  Whether it’s a picture of him or a blow-up, light-up portrayal in someone’s yard, she is in love.  And she loves mistletoe and Christmas lights and stockings and wreaths and the music.  Oh, she loves the music.  We sing lots and lots of Christmas carols around here right now.  And stickers.  She loves all stickers, but Santa stickers go over very well right now.  And Advent.  She sits quietly for our Advent devotion reading and loves her Advent calendar.  She’s also excited for Jesus’ birthday and making Him a cake.  All of this is what is making this Christmas season my favorite.  I love so many things about Christmas.  Being able to share them with my daughter at an age where she really understands and is able to talk to me about them and be so excited herself is what makes this season extra special to me.  She is definitely my favorite Christmas gift!

What are your favorite parts of the Christmas season?

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