Sometimes you just need to stop

I love my lists.  I love being organized.  I love crossing off items on to do lists when they are complete.  I love routine.  However, I also know when I need to stop and let the list just be.  This afternoon is one of those times.

Life has been a bit extra hectic lately, as tends to happens around the holidays.  And I’m a bit extra tired today thanks to a 2 a.m. wake-up call from my dog who needed to go out.  (Guess who should have made sure he’d gone out before we went to bed last night but was too lazy and tired to do so?)  We had a normal Wednesday morning at the library and then a trip to Target for a few items.  We had a slightly crazed going-down-for-nap time, but it was nothing horrific.

I missed eating lunch with her because I was doing something else.  So, I just finished my lunch.  I’m looking at my to do list and realizing that if I don’t do the things on it, like wash darks or start making Christmas cookie dough for the freezer, that the world isn’t going to stop turning.  We still will have clean clothes to wear tomorrow.  The cookie dough doesn’t have to be done this far ahead.  Fun projects like working on my photo albums don’t have to be done this afternoon.

I am off duty.  It’s not for long.  The kiddo will wake up from her nap in a little bit, but for now, I’m letting the list go.  I’m relaxing.  I may even nap because I am so darn tired and have a headache.  Or I may watch some reality TV.  I have a problem with reality TV in that I love it.  Or I may read.  And that’s OK.  Note to self: sometimes you just need to stop.

With that said, I should probably end this post!

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