Kiddo thank yous

I’ve recently written lists of often unsaid thank yous for moms and for dads.  Today, I finish that line of thinking with thank yous for the little ones in our lives.  I thank my child for many things, but there are some things she does for me that she is too young to understand just, yet.

Kiddo, thank you for…

– Knowing when to be sweet.  It started when you were a baby and mommy and daddy were tired and stressed.  Then you learned to smile and our hearts melted.  It continues to now.  Like yesterday when you were a bit grumpy, but then you stroked me arm and said, “You’re a good mommy.”  Your timing is impeccable.

– Reminding me of what is really important in life.  It’s not a clean house, lots of money, hours of work or even a gourmet meal.  It’s our family and relationships.

– Letting me see the world through different eyes.  There are so many things you notice that I’ve not noticed before.  There are so many things you are learning and surprised about that I’ve long since taken for granted or overlooked.

– Allowing me into your pretend world.  I love how we can pretend the laundry basket is a boat or the Weeble Wobble is a bottle of milk for your plastic dinosaur.

– Reminding me that sometimes a hug and snuggle really does make the world right again.  It’s simple.  It makes sense.  And, yet, as an adult I tend to forget this.

– Keeping me in line.  You watch and imitate so much of what I do.

– Learning to share with me.  When we are sitting together having a snack, I love that you sometimes get a piece for me and then one for you.

– Singing your songs.  Sometimes they are songs we’ve taught you.  Sometimes they are your own creations.  All the time, they are cute, sweet and make my heart fill with pride and love.

– Petting the dog nicely.  He was our first fur baby.  I love seeing the two of you interact and play together.  He may not always be amused by your antics — like last week when you pretended to put lipstick on him — but we are all in this pack together.

– Being my little buddy.  One of the things that made me sad about no longer being pregnant when you were first born is that you’d no longer be with me 24/7 and be my little buddy.  Now you’re older.  You’re still not with me 24/7, but you are definitely my little buddy.  You’re the cutest shadow I’ve ever had and the sweetest one to boot.

– Laughing at my corny jokes.  You and the dog are the best (and cutest) audience.

– Accepting me as I am even when I’m tired and grumpy.  Even when my hair is frizzy and I have on no makeup.

– Teaching me patience.  Being a mom requires a lot of it.  You remind me of that sometimes, which is OK.  I thought I was a patient person before.  I’m learning there is a whole new level to patience that I hadn’t previously known.

– Helping me.  Yes, sometimes tasks making the bed, folding laundry or emptying the dishwasher take twice as long when you help (see the patience statement above), but overall they are so much more entertaining and fun than they used to be.

– Strengthening my faith.  I need God’s help everyday to be the mom you need.  I pray that He helps me to be the kind of mom that you need each day.  But, I also somehow feel like I understand God more.  I understand His love even more.  I understand His sacrifice of His only Son a bit more.  While it’s beyond what I can fathom, I understand the love more than ever before.  I understand full dependence on Him and trusting in Him to take care of you.  I have always trusted Him to take care of me, but I want Him to take care of you even more.  I’m humbled and thankful that He loves us and takes care of both of us.

– Teaching me to be a mom.  I wasn’t really ever a kid person.  I worried about being a good mom.  I loved being with your cousin before you were born, but I didn’t know if I could do it full time.  Heck, I’m still not sure if I can.  But, you are teaching me what it means to be a mom — your mom.  Somehow, I think most of the time, you think I’m on target with it.  You trust me wholeheartedly right now.  I take that very seriously.

– Inspiring me.  I am inspired to do the best I can for you every day.  Of course I fall short and have bad days.  But, you are my inspiration to keep at this life business even when it’s hard.  You are my inspiration to follow my heart and my dreams.  And somehow those dreams all involve you now.

– Filling me with more love than I thought possible.  Yes, it’s cliche, but it’s so stinking true.  My heart literally aches with love sometimes.  I know love on a different plane than I’ve ever known it before.  I sometimes wonder how I lived for so many years without this.

– For being you.  You’re not the child I imagined when I was pregnant.  You are so much better.  I didn’t expect your blue eyes and red hair.  But, you are beautiful.  I didn’t really expect your chattiness and fierce desire for independence.  But, it’s perfect.  You are perfect.  I can’t imagine being the mother of any other child.  You are perfect for me.  And I love you more than you will ever possibly know (until you have your own child one day).  Thank you for being you, kiddo.  I love being on this journey with you.

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