Stuffed hot dogs

OK, so the irony of posting a recipe in the next blog after telling you how I am a non-homemade mommy isn’t lost on me.  But, I made a recipe of my mom’s this week that I’ve not had since I was a child.  It’s super easy and tasty to me.  It’s something that many people haven’t tried, but it’s worth a shot — especially if you are looking for quick and easy.

Stuffed hot dogs
1 pouch of Betty Crocker creamy butter potatoes
10 hot dogs (or however many you need for your family; I’d say an average adult would eat 2)
Cheese (I used colby jack cheese slices cut to size that I’d gotten from the deli, but good old Kraft singles work well and shredded cheese would work, too.)

My favorite instant potatoes that taste homemade and make this recipe even easier.

Make the potatoes according to the directions on the package.  (You can make any mashed potatoes of your choice or even mashed cauliflower to be healthier.  I’m just a big fan of these Betty Crocker pouch potatoes.  However, I’ve never made them with the new cold water recipe.  I’m very mashed potato picky, so I promise these are worth a shot and don’t taste like old school, wallpaper paste-like instant mashed potatoes.  Oh, and they are super affordable at around $1 a pouch depending on where you live.)

Cut however many hot dogs you need lengthwise without totally separating them.  If your hot dogs are frozen, you’ll need to boil or otherwise warm them up first.  If they’re fresh, you’re fine to slice them cold.

Stuff each hot dog with a maybe 3 tablespoons of mashed potatoes.

Place the cheese on top.

Pop in the microwave or oven to heat through and melt the cheese.  I used the microwave because I was only making three (my husband opted for frozen pizza instead).  For three in the microwave, I cooked them for 1 minute to heat through and melt the cheese.  If you’re putting them on baking sheets in the oven, you can switch on the broiler at the last minute or so to get the cheese a bit charred if you like.  My mom does that.  Not necessarily my cup of tea, but she loves them that way.  Again, in the oven, you’re just baking until the cheese melts and they’re heated through.

The finished product that brought me back to my childhood.

And that’s it.  My kiddo was pretty happy with them.  She likes hot dogs, mashed potatoes and cheese, so there wasn’t much that could go wrong for her.  We ate them with a side of Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips because I ran out of time to make a vegetable like I had planned.

This was sort of like my childhood on a plate.  We didn’t have them all that often, but we did have them.  There are many other dishes my mom made (and still does) that I loved even more; however, the first bite still brought me back to childhood.  What foods remind you of your childhood?  (And if you try this one from my family, let me know what you think!)

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