Dad thank yous

Last Friday, I gave you a list of the things that kids should thank moms for if they paid attention to all that moms do.  Today I offer a thanks to dads for all the little (and big!) things they do that kids don’t always think about.

Thank you, dad, for…

– Playing with me in a different way than mom.  She is more snuggly and cuddly.  You remember that kiddos love being tickled and swung around like monkeys.  It’s awesome!

– Working hard to provide for our family.  I miss you while you’re at work, but I appreciate that you work so I can have food, a home, clothes and toys.

– Taking out the heavy diaper trash — and the rest of the trash, too.  It keeps our house from getting smelly.

– Snuggling when I want to, even when you’re busy or you were planning to do something else.

– Letting me help you with chores so I feel important, like taking out the trash, putting together a bookshelf and even supervising you changing the brakes on mommy’s car.

– Making sure my nightlight is always working so I don’t have to worry about my room being too dark.

– Encouraging mom to relax and go with the flow so we can all play together and have fun.

– Sneaking in some TV time with me so that we can snuggle and watch my favorite show together.

– Playing dollhouse with me, even though it’s pretty girly and you’re not.  Even though you’re tired from working all day.

– Sharing your toys, like Wolverine, so that he can be in my dollhouse, too.

– Pretending to eat and drink the imaginary food and beverages I bring to you even when you’re in the middle of something else.

– Letting me climb all over you and use you as my personal jungle gym and slide.

– Carrying me and holding me close even now when I’m much bigger than I used to be.

– Worrying about me and making sure that I’m OK at all times.

– Loving me and showing me how a good, Godly man should behave.

– Being patient with me when I want to do things for myself, even when that means it takes twice as long to do them.

– Lifting me up on top of the slide over and over and over and over.

– Reading me books, praying with me and singing to me at bedtime.

– Being my hero.  You are my superhero and the strongest man I know.  You are the rock of our family and my biggest fan (along with mom, of course).  You are the perfect father for me.  I love you.

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