Mom Thank Yous

I was doing laundry the other day listening to my husband and daughter playing in the living room.  He was on the floor with her playing with her and her dollhouse.  She was 100 percent thrilled.  I was slightly envious because I was doing a chore while they were playing.  At the same time, I was also smiling to myself because the two of them together makes my heart happy every single time.

And then I was thinking of all the other moms (including my own) who have spent thousands of hours doing chores to keep their families in clean clothes, fed and safe.  We hear thank-yous sometimes.  But, just like any other job, appreciation is not always a given or a constant.  Certainly little ones don’t really understand all that we do.  Bigger kiddos probably don’t either.  I always appreciated my parents, but it wasn’t until I became one myself that I really appreciated them and all they did for me.

I’ve been thinking about that and thought I’d make a list for my mom to let her know I appreciated all she did.  Then I realized that this list applies to all moms everywhere.  Our kids may not say it.  They may not be old enough to understand.  They may not be wise enough to understand right now.  But, here’s what I think our kids would say if they could or would (and, yes, these are written more from the perspective of having a toddler; adapt as you see fit for however old your kiddos are):

Thank you, mom, for…

– Always making sure I have clean clothes to wear — even when it’s a late night and my diaper leaked and you had to change the bedding and my clothes and are tired.  Even when  you are doing laundry while I am playing.  Even when you are doing laundry and I am whining that you aren’t playing, too.

– Always making sure that my belly is full — even when I refuse to eat the meal you just spent 45 minutes preparing while I was pestering you after you’d already had along day.  Even when I distracted you all through the grocery store while you were trying to buy food to prepare.  Even when I accidentally (or not so accidentally) dropped my food and made you have to clean it up while your own food got cold and I giggled.

– Always making sure that I have something fun to do — even when I am not sure about being with other kids in the toddler room at church.  Even when I fight with you over making a craft at story time.  Even when I leave my toys strewn throughout the house for you to trip over.

– Always keeping me clean — even when you end up nearly as wet as I do during bath time.  Even when I want to play more than have my hair shampooed.  Even when I squirm and chase my toys in the bathtub right as you were getting ready to soap up my face.

– Always comforting me when I need it most — even when I’m upset because I got in trouble for doing something I shouldn’t.  Even when I am covered in snot and sweaty and cranky because I’m sick.  Even when it’s 1 a.m. and you are exhausted.

– Always listening to me — even when I’ve been talking non-stop for the last two hours.  Even when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone else.  Even when we’ve had the same conversation five other times in the past 15 minutes.

– Always thinking of me — even when you’re on a date with dad.  Even when I’m asleep and you’re having downtime.  Even when you are asleep and dreaming.

– Always making sure my seatbelt is fastened correctly — even when I’m squirming because I don’t want to get in the car at the moment.  Even when you patiently move a toy, a snack cup and a sippy cup to be able to snap the buckle.  Even when I am warm and dry inside the car while your back is being pelted with cold rain.

– Always taking some time to play with me — even when I’ve been crazy difficult that day.  Even when you have a list a mile long of things to do.  Even when I can’t always explain exactly what I want you to do.

– Always making sure I’m wearing weather appropriate clothes — even when it’s fall in the Midwest and we go from 80 one day to 50 the next.  Even when I am not sure I’m fine with wearing long pants after wearing shorts.  Even when this means turning on the weather report before I get up for the day.

– Always doing your best — even when you’re not sure what to do.  Even when you worry that you’ve done the right thing.  Even when it’s incredibly hard.

– Above all, thank you for being you.  I know you think you’re not perfect, but you are the perfect mom for me.  And I love you.

Stay tuned within the next couple of weeks for dad and child thank you lists.

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