Crescent roll pizza

When my husband and I got married, I was 20-years-old, had only lived away from my parents in the university residence hall (15 minutes from home, mind you) and didn’t know how to cook.  I could bake by following directions and make wonderful cakes from box mixes and cookies even from scratch.  But, that certainly wouldn’t feed us.

Now, 12 years later, I’ve come into my own.  I’m not a gourmet chef.  If I were, my husband wouldn’t eat a thing I made.  But, I keep us fed.  And, yes, I am the one who prepares most of our food.  And, also yes, I am OK with that.

Though I’m competent in a kitchen, I’m not super creative.  I’ve done few things on my own where I branched out and came up with something without a recipe (gasp!).  So, when I do come up with something on my own, I get excited.  And thus has been born the recipe section of my blog.  Because last night, I did come up with something on my own.  And because like most moms out there, I’m always looking for new ideas and ways to feed my family, so I like to share.  I will also share recipes I’ve found other places and made with success since I do so seldom come up with my own things.

But, let’s start with last night’s dinner.  My plan had been to make homemade pizza dough using a recipe a friend referred me to.  After we had lunch and the kiddo went down for her nap — right when I should have been making the dough to let it rise — I instead sat down on the couch and clipped and organized coupons while watching the finale of “Warehouse 13” on the DVR  with my husband.  So, come dinnertime, I realized that we had nothing to eat.  My husband had spied a recipe using canned biscuits to make individual pizzas in the ads while I was clipping away.  I suggested we try that.

I headed to the fridge and found we only had flaky layer, junior biscuits that wouldn’t work.  But, we did have garlic crescent rolls.  So, I decided to try making crescent roll pizza.  It turned out really well.  I’ve used crescent rolls to make a crust for BLT pizza before (smoosh the entire care of regular crescent rolls into a round pizza dough and bake; then top with mayo, lettuce, shredded cheese, bacon and tomato), but I’d never made pizza pizza with it.  I decided to do eight individual “slices” since we all like something different.  You could definitely smoosh the dough all together and make one big pizza, though.

I took the can into the living room and had my husband open it because it freaks me out to do so.  Then I unrolled the dough and laid out each of the crescent roll triangles on my Airbake cookie sheets.  I got six on one and two on the other.  I made a fold at the top to be like crust.

I then spread on pizza sauce.  I used jar sauce, but you could totally use your own homemade pizza sauce or however you do it.  You could also use alfredo sauce of ranch if you’re getting fancy with your toppings or are avoiding tomatoes.  Just like with pizza, the cheese went on next.  I piled it on my pieces and my daughter’s and kept it sparse for my husband who likes pizza with minimal cheese.

Then I did our toppings.  My husband’s pieces got pepperoni.  My daughter’s got nothing (she is most inclined to eat plain cheese pizza).  Mine got some thawed, already chopped and cooked hamburger.  (I buy extra ground chuck from the butcher and cook it, crumbled and then place in freezer bags for storage to pull out a little at a time.  We aren’t big meat eaters around here.)  I’d have done some onion and maybe bacon for us, but I was lazy.

I popped them in the oven at the temperature directed on the crescent roll can (375-degrees) and baked them for about 13 minutes (as instructed on the crescent roll can).  While I waited, I played a bit of peek-a-boo around the refrigerator that looked something like this.

I pulled them out of the oven and cut up the kiddo’s piece to cool.  I was pleased with how they turned out.  They were tasty with a flaky crust.  I liked the tinge of garlic from using the garlic crescent rolls (though plain would be good, too).  And they were easy.  My husband liked them.  My daughter ate half of hers and then enjoyed some Goldfish crackers and pears.  But, hey, that’s not bad for a toddler.

We’ll have them again sometime, I’m sure.

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