Pinterest: My latest obsession

A group of moms I’m friends with online have been obsessed with Pinterest.  I wasn’t sure what it was.  And I for sure didn’t want to get involved with something else that could be a time suck.  But these women kept finding awesome craft projects for the kiddos, recipes and more through Pinterest, so I decided to give it a shot.  That was a couple of weeks ago.  And I’m glad that I did.

Basically Pinterest is a site where you can bookmark items you find online that you want to remember.  It’s kind of like an upgraded version of traditional Internet bookmarks.  It pins a photo of whatever you chose from the page you’re marking and you can make notes about it as well.  You can have various subjects to organize your findings called boards.

For example, I have a subject board of kiddo bedding where I’ve been pinning (or placing links) to comforters and decor that I’m interested in for my daughter’s room as we get ready to move her to a twin bed.  I had been bookmarking those sites previously.  However, what makes Pinterest awesome is that you can open one browser window and look at your board and see photos of everything you like all in one place.  It even lets you make notes about the items, including prices.

So, for the bedding example, I can open one window, see all the different comforters I like from places like and in one place with their prices.  When I’m ready to make a final decision, it will be easier than opening 10 different tabs at once in my Firefox and sifting through them to narrow down what I want to get.  Nice, huh?  Needless to say, I’ve started a board of a wish list for my kiddo and myself to remember some Christmas gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

The other nice part about Pinterest is that you can follow people, much like you do on Twitter.  Pinterest will suggest people for you to follow based on your interests (like home decor, cooking, parenting, etc.).  You can also let it go through your Facebook friends and connect with any of them who are on Pinterest.  When you follow people, you get to see what they pin. You can also invite and allow people to pin things to your boards if you’d like.

I’ve found, in only following a relatively small number of friends and acquaintances, that I get some great ideas to mark for later and it only takes about 10 to 15 minutes of looking at Pinterest a day to keep up to date.  I’ve gotten some great recipe ideas and some great kiddo activity ideas.  I’ve come across some funny quotes and some poignant ones.

While I’m not a home decor enthusiast and have zero crafting abilities, I’ve had great fun with Pinterest and am glad I joined.  It is by invitation only, but that only means that you have to click a button to get an e-mail from Pinterest that gives you access.  I did so and got the e-mail within about 20 minutes.  Not too shabby.

Pinning items is easy, too.  You add a link to your toolbars (the site tells you how to do this as you’re signing up).  So, any time you see something online that you want to remember, you just click your “Pin It” tool in your browser.  Pinterest pops up, asks you to select which photo you want to pin from the page, what board you want to place it on and if you want to make notes about it.  It’s super easy.

Everything is open and public, though.  That’s just something to keep in mind with what you pin and what you say in the notes.  For example, I choose not to use my child’s name in my notes and board names.  I don’t know, but it makes me feel better.

So, if you’re on Pinterest, connect with me.  I’m always looking for more people to follow as I’m getting started.  (If you follow me, I’ll follow you back.)  And, if you’re not, I encourage you to consider it.  It’s been a great resource of information for me along with being fun as well. The best way to get a feel for it is to just check it out.  While it’s a great concept, it can be a bit difficult to explain.

Either way, you can find my Pinterest boards here and check out what I’m looking at and thinking about these days.

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