Teething + Terrible Twos = LONG weekend

I have a wonderful child.  She is always well behaved, well mannered and compliant.  Oh, wait.  I’m supposed to be honest in my blog!  While, my kiddo is wonderful, she most definitely has her moments of difficulty.  Sometimes the stars align — or whatever — and they come one after the other.  Take this weekend for example.  I knew the kiddo had been a bit “off” from her usual self the last few days of the week.  We’d had a couple of toddler battles, in fact.  But, I was hopeful for a good weekend since my husband was a bit under the weather, my sinus infection hadn’t cleared up and I had a big project to finish for work.

That was not to be the case.  While she certainly had some great moments, like when she thanked me for cutting her an apple without being prompted, she also had some challenging-to-mommy-and-daddy moments.  It made for a long weekend.  Sunday was a bit better.  We gave her a couple doses of Tylenol after realizing that the poor kid is cutting a molar.  Combine teething with her need for independence, and you get one cranky little toddler.

Our getting her up on Saturday morning started with a full on battle to even change her diaper.  Our family dinner out at Chili’s on Saturday evening ended with my husband taking her out before me because she was crying.  Just that kind of stuff.

My kiddo had a great time looking out the window this morning. It was a much better time than we had over the weekend.

Maybe that’s what made this morning all the better.  Instead of a battle to get out of bed (which we’ve really been dealing with lately), the kiddo was happy to get up.  We chatted, we sang, we played.  She ate a good breakfast.  It was a rainy, cool morning, so I opened the dining room window for fresh air.  She stood on a chair and had a great time looking outside and showing her “Little Peek-chu” (aka a small Pikachu) the outside.  She chatted about hearing birds tweeting and even made up her own song about looking out the window and jumping on the chair.  (Yes, mama curbed the whole “jumping on the chair” idea before anyone got hurt.)

It was just much better.  She was back to her chipper self.  We played, we chatted and we just enjoyed one another.  She pretended to bring me imaginary milk, water, chocolate cake and steak.  I pretended to drink and eat.  She honked my nose and put her hairbow on my head.  I honked her nose back and eventually returned the hairbow to her head.  It was normal and it was fun.  And it was extra needed after a long weekend. Somehow my little one knows just when to turn on the charm.  And I’ll take it!

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