Confessions — Round 3

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve done a round of confessions.  I felt it was overdue.  Here are some current confessions of mine.  Please share some of yours!

I confess that right now it’s late Thursday afternoon as I’m typing this.  I’m sitting on my bed, in flannel blue and green pants, a pink shirt and a gray hoodie without electricity.

I confess that I’m very irritated we have no electricity.  It’s a beautiful, sunny day.  There’s no need for the power to be out.  Especially not for this long.

I confess that I am also irritated that I have to be in the bedroom instead of my office, but I can’t hear Lexiana from my office without the monitor.  So, here I sit.

I confess that I should be working on a big project that is due on Monday, but after working hard on it all afternoon, I needed a break.  So, I’m doing a blog post.

I confess that we still have a pile of stuff in our bedroom to sort from when we did our big house reorganizing project a month ago.  I’m looking at it right now.

I confess that the dog is barking at the door to be let in, and I’m not feeling like getting up to let him in.

I confess that there are also toys on my bedroom floor.  From where I sit, I count two baby dolls, one unicorn, one farm toy that sings, seven  books, one baby doll bottle, a small peacock, a small pink dustpan, a small red car, a dive stick, a yellow balloon and Bat Mite.  I know a tiny truck, a Weeble Wooble and an Easter basket are on the floor at the foot of the bed.  I just can’t see them from here.

I confess that also in my bedroom is a laundry basket with clean socks and pajamas in it that need to be folded.

I confess that same laundry basket broke earlier this week.  It’s my favorite one that we got when we got married in 1999.  I’m sort of sad for it to be broken.

I confess that I thought for a split second about not getting in my car this morning after I wrangled my toddler into it.  We’d just finished a 20-minute battle of who would put on her shoes.

I confess that if I weren’t on a diet I’d be having a snack right now, even though it’s almost dinner time.  (And I wonder why I need to be on said diet!)

I confess that I’m thinking of opening my kiddo’s door to wake her from her nap in the next 15 minutes if she doesn’t start stirring.  I don’t like to wake a sleeping child and seldom do, but I need her to go to bed on time tonight.

I confess that I need to paint my fingernails.  Though it’s something I often enjoy, this week I want nothing to do with it.  So, my nails are lavender polish that has chipped and obviously been touched up.

Ahhh.  That feels better.  What are some of your confessions?

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