Gen Con Indy — Part 1

It’s billed as “The Best Four Days in Gaming,” and the approximately 30,000 participants who are attending this year’s Gen Con Indy are apt to agree.  I am one of them.

With more than 8,500 console, computer, trading card, role-playing and board games taking place throughout the Indiana Convention Center and in nearby hotels around the clock along with more than 300 booths selling and demonstrating gaming-related products, the annual convention is a sort of gamer Nirvana.

Gen Con Indy is in its 44th year.  I’m in my fifth year or so of attending.  And it’s a good one.  Though I don’t participate in the costume contest or take a run at the 10,000-square foot dungeon, I enjoy attending and find more than enough to keep me busy.  I’ll have more coverage forthcoming, including a review of the not-yet-released Legend of Drizzt board game.  Until then, if you are anywhere near Indianapolis and have even a vague interest in gaming, make the trek to Gen Con Indy going on now through Sunday at the Indiana Convention Center.  Tickets for one day are $48.  Sunday’s family day offers the best deal when a family of four gets in for only $28.

In the meantime, here are a few photos of today’s adventures at Gen Con Indy to whet your whistle.

The exhibit hall is packed with gamers and vendors each year. It's a chaotic, loud and cool place to be.

Not a great photo, but these are some of the folks at Pinnacle Entertainment Group who are responsible for the Savage Worlds gaming system. It's a great system, and Shane Hensley and Clint Black (both shown) are some genuinely nice guys.

Not much could top this for me. Here I am with Drizzt and Guenhwyvar -- two of my favorite book characters. I was as excited to see this as women a few decades ago were to see Elvis. Seriously. I even got teary.

This was my least favorite part of the day. Crazy construction in downtown Indy had us stopped for nearly a half hour within sight of the convention center while taking six lanes of rush hour traffic down to just one. Fail!

And just because I had to throw in a photo of my tired husband, photographer and Webmaster. Usually he is the one behind the lens at Gen Con, so I snuck this in when he wasn't paying attention. It is fun -- and exhausting!

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